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Ollie King: Gambit

Ollie King: Gambit (RootBeat RBRCD22)

Ollie King

RootBeat Records RBRCD22 (CD, UK, 15 September 2014)

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Recorded and produced by Andy Bell at Underbank Studios, Sheffield
except track 8 recorded in the Bard’s Bar at Shakespeare’s Ale House, Sheffield;
Mastered by Dean Honer at Bowling Green Studios, Sheffield;
Artwork and photography by Elly Lucas


Ollie King: vocals, DG Hohner Super-Erika [2, 2-8, 11], B/E Hohner Erika [1, 3-5, 9-10],
Sam Sweeney: viola [2], fiddle [11];
Fay Hield: vocals [10];
James Findlay: guitar [3, 6], vocals [6];
Rosie Hood: vocals [6, 8];
Ray Cunningham, James Fagan, Natalie Farrow, Manny Grimsley, Jemma Gurney, Peter Halfpenny, Elly Lucas, Peter Machan, Peter Mackey, Brian Mitchell, Adam Page, Jenny Reid, Annie Smith, Pete Smith, Alec Thompson, Chris Willan, Tom Wright: chorus vocals [8]


  1. Shooting (3.44)
  2. Polperro Bay (4.54)
  3. Bold Archer (Roud 83; Child 188; G/D 2:244) (4.51)
  4. End of an Era / Mr Cunningham’s Maggot (3.08)
  5. Stand to / Battle of the Somme (7.27)
  6. Taro Fair (4.18)
  7. Signposts (Shepherd’s Hey) (3.41)
  8. Round the Bay of Mexico (Roud 207; Henry H496) (2.28)
  9. Lakes of Cold Fen (Roud 189; Laws Q33; G/D 2:228; Henry H176) (4.43)
  10. Santa Fe Trail (Roud 5096) (4.19)
  11. Traveller’s / Kennington (5.00)

Tracks 1, 3, 7-9 trad.;
Tracks 2, 4, 11a Ollie King;
Track 5a John Tams;
Track 5b Pipe Major William Laurie;
Track 6 John Oke Bartlett;
Track 10 James Grafton Rodgers;
Track 11b John Dipper

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Ollie King: Diffractions

Ollie King: Diffractions (RootBeat RBRCD35)

Ollie King

RootBeat Records RBRCD35 (CD, UK, 21 April 2017)

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Produced by Tom Wright;
Recorded and mixed by Tom Wright at Powered Flight Music, Sheffield;
Photography and design by Elly Lucas;
Textiles and styling by Rosie Butler-Hall


Ollie King: vocals, melodeons, duet concertina, electric guitar, piano;
Rosie Hood: vocals;
Tom Kitching: fiddle;
Al Simpson: trombone;
Tom Wright: bass, percussion


  1. Austria / Thaxted (6.00)
  2. Sweet Lemeney (Roud 193) (5.22)
  3. Linden Lea (2.23)
  4. Hornpipes (4.47)
  5. First of March (4.00)
  6. Roses (2.47)
  7. White Joak / Adson’s Sarabande (4.55)
  8. Ruins by the Shore (4.53)
  9. Winifer Odd (4.43)
  10. The Long Day Closes (3.20)

Track 1a Joseph Haydn;
Track 1b Gustav Holst;
Track 2 trad. arr. Ollie King;
Track 3 William Barnes, Ralph Vaughan Williams;
Track 4 Georg Friedrich Händel, Henry Purcell;
Track 5 Ed Engladn;
Track 6 Cecil Sharp;
Track 2 trad. arr. Ollie King, Tom Kitching;
Track 8 Nic Jones;
Track 9 Lal Waterson;
Track 10 Arthur Sullivan

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