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Out’ the Blue

Jim Boyes: Out’ the Blue (No Masters NMVCD1)

Out’ the Blue
Jim Boyes

No Masters Co-operative NMVCD1 (CD, UK, 1992)

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Engineered by Stewart Field, Jo Meakin, Mark Lilley at Meadow Farm Studio;
Tracks 5, 8, 13 produced by John Tams and Barry Coope;
New material recorded by Ray Williams at Panda Sound;
Photography and graphics: Nic Broomhead;
Typesetting and design: No Masters


Jim Boyes: vocals, guitar [1-4, 6-11, 13], piano [5, 12];
Toby Boyes: backing vocals [1];
Barry Coope: backing vocals [2, 4, 10], keyboards [13];
Nigel Corbett: violin [9];
Trevor Dunford: lead guitar [4];
Lesley Field: backing vocals [1, 7];
Nigel Jardine: drums [2, 4, 6-7, 9-11];
Rick Kemp: bass [2, 4, 6-7, 9-11];
Lester Simpson: melodeon [13];
Sam Smith: guitar synth [1], guitar [1], lead guitar [2, 6-8, 10-11, 13], rhythm guitar [11];
John Tams: melodeon [1, 9]


  1. Bringing in the Sheaves (4.16)
  2. Dark in the Daylight (3.36)
  3. Down Upon the Dugout Floor (5.03)
  4. We Know What Your Game Is (3.29)
  5. Will I See Your Face Again (5.05)
  6. The Pilot and the Bomb Aimer (4.30)
  7. Under a Stone (2.44)
  8. Carousel (4.22)
  9. Acres of Gladness (5.47)
  10. Caged Lions (4.50)
  11. Subtle Song (2.49)
  12. The Meadowhall Carol (5.31)
  13. The Goodnight Song (5.02)

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Sensations of a Wound

Jim Boyes: Sensations of a Wound (No Masters NMCD44)

Sensations of a Wound
The Long, Long Trail of Robert Riby Boyes
Jim Boyes with Belinda O’Hooley

No Masters Co-operative NMCD44 (CD, UK, 2 February 2015)
Sygnet Publishing ISBN 978-0-9926395-1-8 (2015)

Jim Boyes: Sensations of a Wound (Sygnet 978-0-9926395-1-8)
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From his home town of Scarborough in Yorkshire, Robert Riby Boyes’ First World War journeys took him to the Western Front in France, to Belgium and the Battle of Passchendaele, by cattle truck to the South of France and the mountains of the Italy Front in winter, to the Front in Northern France again, and then further still.

Jim Boyes says his grandfather Robert, who was known as ‘Croppie’ in the family, never talked about his wartime experiences. It was only when Jim began to write songs and research the history of the First World War for performances for the Flemish Arts organisation, Peace Concerts Passendale, that a fuller picture of the long trail of Private Boyes of the 23rd Middlesex Regiment began to emerge.

Bringing together Croppie Boyes’ own first-hand accounts, Jim’s newly written and traditional songs and Belinda O’Hooley’s subtle, innovative piano accompaniments, Sensations of a Wound is an original and moving story of a Yorkshire soldier caught up in the enormity of the First World War.


Jim Boyes: vocals;
Belinda O’Hooley: piano


  1. Down Upon the Dugout Floor (5.39)
  2. Where You Belong - Scarborough (4.20)
  3. Along the Menin Road (5.10)
  4. Beside the Seaside (2.32)
  5. Will I See Your Face Again - Scarborough (3.22)
  6. The Train Song (1.45)
  7. La ballata dell’eroe (2.33)
  8. Bleak Midwinter - Italy (3.07)
  9. Down Upon the Dugout Floor (Reprise) (2.40)
  10. Angel of Sleep (1.47)
  11. Naked and You Clothed Me (2.13)
  12. Where You Belong - Switzerland / Christmas (3.40)
  13. What Is It That You Would Not Say? (2.36)
  14. Testament (3.00)