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Roy Bailey Chronological Discography


The Three City Four, Smoke and Dust, LP, CBS 63039, 1967


Roy & Val Bailey with Leon Rosselson, Oats & Beans & Kangaroos, LP, Fontana SFL 13061, 1968


Roy & Val Bailey with Leon Rosselson, Cobweb of Dreams, EP, Acorn CF305, 1969


Roy Bailey, Roy Bailey, LP, Trailer LER 3021, 1971

Leon Rosselson, The Word is Hugga Mugga Chugga Lugga Humbugga Boom Chit, LP, Trailer LER 3015, 1971


Various Artists, 3. Folkfestival auf der Lenzburg, 2 LP, Oversea FL 67741/2, 1974

Our Folk Music Heritage (Trailer LETSAM 2087) Various Artists, Our Folk Music Heritage, LP, Trailer LETSAM 2087, 1975


Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, That's Not the Way It's Got to Be, LP, Acorn CF 251, 1975

Various Artists, 4. Folk-Festival auf der Lenzburg, 2xLP, Claves DPf 700/2, 1975


Roy Bailey, New Bell Wake, LP, Acorn CF 262, 1976


Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, Love, Loneliness, Laundry, LP, Acorn CF 271, 1977

Various Artists, 6. Folk-Festival auf der Lenzburg, 2LP, VoxPop 4005/6, 1977


Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, If I Knew Who the Enemy Was ..., LP, Fuse CF 284, 1979


Leon Rosselson, For the Good of the Nation, LP, Fuse CF 381, 1981

Various Artists, Nuclear Power: No Thanks, LP, Plane IMP 2, 1981


Roy Bailey, Hard Times, LP, Fuse CF382, 1982


Bullets and Guitars (Vancouver Folk Music Festival CAR 101) Various Artists, Bullets and Guitars: Songs for Central America, LP, Vancouver Folk Music Festival CAR 101, 1983

Songs for Peace (FolkFreak FF 4010) Various Artists, Songs for Peace, LP, FolkFreak FF 4010, 1983


Frankie Armstrong, I Heard a Woman Singing, LP, Flying Fish FLY 332, 1985

Roy Bailey, Freedom Peacefully, LP, Fuse CF386, 1985


Roy Bailey, Leaves from a Tree, LP, Fuse CF394, 1988

Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, I Didn't Mean It, LP, Fuse CF 392, 1988


Roy Bailey, Why Does It Have to Be Me?, LP, Fuse CF396, 1989


Leon Rosselson, RosselSonGs, CD, Fuse CFCD001, 1990

Various Artists, The Sporting Life? An Artists for Animals Compilation, LP, Agit-Pro PROP 6, 1990


Roy Bailey, Never Leave a Story Unsung, CD, Fuse CFCD398, 1991

Various Artists, All Through the Year: A Calendar in Music & Song, CD, Hokey Pokey HPR 2002.2, 1991


Roy Bailey, What You Do With What You've Got, CD, Fuse CFCD399, 1992

Leon Rosselson, Guess What They're Selling at the Happiness Counter, CD, Fuse CFCD003, 1992

Voices (Fellside FECD87) Voices (Musica Pangaea MP10004) Various Artists, Voices: English Traditional Songs, CD, Fellside FECD87, 1992


Various Artists, Undefeated, 2 cassettes, Fuse M100, 1993


Roy Bailey, Business As Usual, CD, Fuse CFCD400, 1994

Band of Hope: Rhythm & Reds (Musikfolk MFCD 512) Band of Hope, Rhythm & Reds, CD/cassette, Musikfolk MFCD512, 1994


Roy Bailey, New Directions in the Old, CD, Fuse CFCD402, 1997

Roy Bailey, Vera Coomans, Robb Johnson, Koen De Cauter & The Golden Serenaders: Gentle Men (Irregular IRR030) Roy Bailey, Vera Coomans, Robb Johnson, Koen De Cauter & The Golden Sernaders, Gentle Men, 2 CD, Irregular IRR030, 1997

Leon Rosselson, Perspectives, CD, Fuse CFCD006, 1997


Roy Bailey, Past Masters, CD, Fuse CFCD403, 1998

Various Artists, Ne Me Quitte Pas: Brel Sung by …, CD, Irregular IRR033, 1998


Leon Rosselson, Harry's Gone Fishing, CD, Fuse CFCD007, 1999


Roy Bailey, Coda, CD, Fuse CFCD404, 2000


The Folk Awards Various Artists, The Folk Awards, CD, Topic TSCD850, 2001


Roy Bailey, Up the Wooden Hill, CD, Fuse CFCD170201, 2002

The Acoustic Folk Box (Topic TSFCD 4001) Various Artists, The Acoustic Folk Box, 4 CD, Topic TSFCD4001, 2002

Roots & Wings (Holmfirth Festival HFRCD25) Various Artists, Roots & Wings: Holmfirth Festival 25 Years Anniversary, CD, Holmfirth Festival HFRCD25, 2 CD, 2003


Tony Benn & Roy Bailey, The Writing on the Wall, CD, Fuse CFCD405, 2004


Roy Bailey with Martin Simpson & John Kirkpatrick, Sit Down and Sing, CD, Fuse CFCD406, 2005

Various Artists, And They All Sang RosselSonGs, CD, Fuse CFCD012, 2005


Jim Moray, Low Culture, CD, Niblick NIBL007, 2008

Leon Rosselson, A Proper State, CD, Fuse CFCD024, 2008


Roy Bailey, Below the Radar, CD, Fuse CFCD407, 2009

Various Artists, Cat Nav: Guide Cats for the Blind Vol. 4, 2 CD, Osmosys OSMO CD 050/051, 2009

Generosity (WildGoose WGS365CD) Folk for M.S., Generosity: A Unique Collection Celebrating 20 Years of Folk for M.S., CD, WildGoose WGS365CD, 2009


Roy Bailey, Tomorrow, CD, Fuse CFCD408, 2010, 2010

The Three City Four, Smoke and Dust, CD, Fuse CFCD068, 2010

Folk Against Fascism (FAF1CD) Various Artists, Folk Against Fascism, 2 CD, Folk Against Fascism FAF1CD, 2010


Leon Rosselson, The World Turned Upside Down, 4 CD, PM Press PMA 014-2 / Fuse CFCD077, 2011

Love Loss & Liberty: The Songs of Alistair Hulett (Red Rattler RATCD007) Various Artists, Love Loss & Liberty: The Songs of Alistair Hulett, CD, Red Rattler RATCD007, 2011


Roy Bailey, Stories, digital download EP, Fuse CFCD409, 2014

Marc Block: The Hawthorn Spring (Hairpin HAIRPIN003) Marc Block, The Hawthorn Spring, CD, Hairpin HAIRPIN003, 2014

Cambridge Folk Festival: Celebrating 50 Years (Delphonic DELPH100) Various Artists, Cambridge Folk Festival: Celebrating 50 Years, download, Delphonic DELPH100, 2014


Roy Bailey, Live at Towersey Festival 2015, CD, Fuse CFCD410, 2016

Leon Rosselson, Where Are the Barricades?, CD, PM Press PMA 021-2 / Fuse CFCD999, 2016


Various Artists: Roy Bailey Remembered (Towersey Festival TF202001) Various Artists, Roy Bailey Remembered, A celebration of Roy's music and life recorded at Towersey Festival 2019, 2 CD, Towersey Festival TF202001, 2020