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Leon Rosselson: RosselSonGs (Fuse CFCD001)

Leon Rosselson

Fuse Records CFCD001 (Compilation CD, UK, 1990)


Leon Rosselson with Frankie Armstrong, Roy Bailey, Steve Berry, Martin Carthy, Howard Evans, Sue Harris, Steve King, Rory McLeod, Simon Nicol, Fiz Shapur, and Roger Williams


  1. Tim McGuire (3.25)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar, mandolin
  2. Penny for the Guy (3.05)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Simon Nicol, electric guitar; Martin Carthy, acoustic guitar and drum; Steve King, synthesiser
  3. Palaces of Gold (3.26)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  4. We Sell Everything (3.36)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar
  5. Stand Up for Judas (7.00)
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Fiz Shapur, piano, trumpet, French horn; Martin Carthy, guitar, drum
  6. Sing a Song to Please Us (2.40)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  7. She Was Crazy, He Was Mad (4.15)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  8. Not Quite But Nearly (2.43)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Martin Carthy, guitar
  9. Let Your Hair Hang Down (1.42)
    Roy Bailey, vocals; Martin Carthy and Leon Rosselson, guitars
  10. Don't Get Married, Girls (3.21)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar, moog
  11. I Didn't Mean It (3.07)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Rory MacLeod, harmonica
  12. No-one Is Responsible (6.32)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  13. Still Is the Memory Green in My Mind (3.19)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  14. Whoever Invented the Fishfinger (3.25)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Fiz Shapur, piano, French horn; Sue Harris, oboe
  15. Who Reaps the Profits? Who Pays the Price? (6.42)
    Frankie Armstrong, Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, vocals; Leon Rosselson, guitar; Martin Carthy, additional guitar; Fiz Shapur, synthesiser
  16. It Wasn't Me, I Didn't Do It (2.53)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Fiz Shapur, piano; Steve Berry, bass
  17. Bringing the News From Nowhere (6.26)
    Frankie Armstrong, Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar; Howard Evans, trumpet; Fiz Shapur, French horn; Roger Williams, trombone
  18. The World Turned Upside Down (3.46)
    Leon Rosselson & Ruth Rosselson, vocals and piano

All words by Leon Rosselson
#1, 3*, and 7 first released on Palaces of Gold, Acorn CF 249
#18* first released on That's Not the Way It's Got to Be, Acorn CF 251
#4, 5, 9, and 10 first released on Love, Loneliness, Laundry, Fuse CF 271
#14 first released on If I Knew Who the Enemy Was ..., Fuse CF 284
#2 and 12 first released on Temporary Loss of Vision, Fuse CF 384
#13* and 15-17 first released on Bringing the News From Nowhere, Fuse CF 390
#6, 8, and 11 first released on I Didn't Mean It, Fuse CF 392
Tracks marked * are re-recordings.