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Frankie Armstrong Chronological Discography


Frankie Armstrong, Anne Briggs, A.L. Lloyd, The Bird in the Bush: Traditional Erotic Songs, LP, Topic 12T135

Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Charles Parker, Poetry and Song 1, LP, Argo DA 50 / ZDA 50 / ZPL 1094
Frankie Armstrong sings The Lark in the Morn
Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Charles Parker, Poetry and Song 4, LP, Argo DA 53 / ZDA 53 / ZPL 1097
Frankie Armstrong and Sandra Kerr sing Scarborough Fair
Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Charles Parker, Poetry and Song 5, LP, Argo DA 54 / ZDA 54 / ZPL 1098
Frankie Armstrong sings The Smuggler


Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Charles Parker, Poetry and Song 9, LP, Argo DA 58 / ZDA 58 / ZPL 1102
Frankie Armstrong sings Higher Germany
Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Charles Parker, Poetry and Song 10, LP, Argo DA 59 / ZDA 59 / ZPL 1103
Frankie Armstrong sings The Outlandish Knight
Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Charles Parker, Poetry and Song 12, LP, Argo DA 61 / ZDA 61 / ZPL 1105
Frankie Armstrong sings The Recruited Collier


The Critics Group: Frankie Armstrong, Sandra Kerr, Peggy Seeger, The Female Frolic, LP, Argo DA 82

The Critics Group: Frankie Armstrong, John Faulkner, Brian Pearson, Denis Turner, Terry Yarnell, Waterloo: Peterloo, English Folk Songs and Broadsides 1780-1830, LP, Argo ZFB 68


Frankie Armstrong, Lovely on the Water, LP, Topic 12T216

Various Artists, Room for Company: Folk Songs Festive & Sociable, LP, Impact IMP-S 104


Frankie Armstrong, Out of Love, Hope and Suffering, LP, Bay 206

Frankie Armstrong, Roy Harris, A.L. Lloyd, Martyn Wyndham-Read, The Valiant Sailor: Songs & Ballads of Nelson's Navy, LP, Topic 12TS232

John Arlott et al., The World of the Countryside, LP, Argo SPA 304


Various Artists, Philadelphia Folk Festival 74, LP, 1974

Various Artists, San Diego Folk Festival '74, LP, KPBS Public Broadcasting San Diego KPBS 101, 1974


Frankie Armstrong, Songs and Ballads, LP, Topic 12TS273

Various Artists, You Got Magic: Fox Hollow Festival 10th Anniversary Album, LP, Biograph BLP 12052, 1975


David Jones, Cliff Haslam, Frankie Armstrong, Clive Collins, Here's a Health to the Man and the Maid, LP, Living Folk LFR 103, 1976


Ken Hyder's Talisker, Land of Stone, LP, Japo JAPO 60018, 1977

Various Artists, Sånger och musik från Kvinnokulturfestivalen, LP, Silence SRS 4647, 1977


Red Rinse, A Woman's Right to Choose / Frankie Armstrong and Friends, We Must Choose, single, Action Against Corrie RRFA 001, 1979


Frankie Armstrong, And the Music Plays So Grand, LP, Silence SRS 4652, 1980

Frankie Armstrong, Kathy Henderson, Sandra Kerr, Alison McMorland, My Song is My Own, LP, Plane TPL 001, 1980


Various Artists, Nuclear Power: No Thanks, LP, Plane IMP 2


Frankie Armstrong with women from “Babies Against the Bomb”, Message from Mother Earth / Shall There Be Womanly Times or Shall We Die?, single, Plane TPLS 03

Leon Rosselson, Temporary Loss of Vision, LP, Fuse CF 384


Frankie Armstrong, I Heard a Woman Singing, LP, Flying Fish FLY 332

Frankie Armstrong, Brian Pearson, Blowzabella, and Jon Gillaspie, Tam Lin, LP, Plant Life PLR063

Various Artists, We Have a Dream, LP, One World Peace Songs 1WPS-1

Various Artists, Chants de Marins IV: Ballades, Complaintes et Shanties des Matelots Anglais, 2LP, Le Chasse-Marée SCM 005


Leon Rosselson, Bringing the News from Nowhere, LP, Fuse CF 390


Leon Rosselson, I Didn't Mean It, LP, Fuse CF 392


Frankie Armstrong, Dave Van Ronk, Let No One Deceive You: Songs of Bertolt Brecht, CD, Flying Fish CDFLY 557


Frankie Armstrong, Ways of Seeing, LP, Harbourtown HAR009

Leon Rosselson, RosselSonGs, CD, Fuse CFCD001


Leon Rosselson, Guess What They're Selling at the Happiness Counter, CD, Fuse CFCD003

Voices (Fellside FECD87) Voices (Musica Pangaea MP10004) Various Artists, Voices: English Traditional Songs, CD, Fellside FECD87, 1992


Various Artists, The Bird in the Bush: Traditional Erotic Songs, CD reissue w/ additional tracks, Topic TSCD479


Frankie Armstrong, The Fair Moon Rejoices, CD, Harbourtown HARCD 027

Frankie Armstrong, Till the Grass O'ergrew the Corn, CD, Fellside FECD116

Ballads (Fellside FECD110) Various Artists, Ballads, CD, Fellside FECD110, 1997


Various Artists, Round Cape Horn: Traditional Songs of Sailors, Ships and the Sea, CD, Topic TSCD499


Frankie Armstrong, The Garden of Love, CD, Fellside FECD144


Frankie Armstrong, Lovely on the Water, CD reissue w/ 7 bonus tracks, Fellside FECD151


Various Artists, The Acoustic Folk Box, 4 CDs, Topic TSFCD 4001


Frankie Armstrong, Sarah Harman, Shanee Taylor, Darkest Before the Dawn, CD, Harbourtown HARCD 045

Leon Rosselson, Turning Silence into Song, CD, Fuse CFCD009, June 2004


Various Artists, And They All Sang RosselSonGs, CD, Fuse CFCD012, October 2005


The Journey Continues (Fellside FECD272) Various Artists, The Journey Continues: Fellside at 40, 3 CD, Fellside FECD272, 2016


Various Artists, Songs of Witchcraft and Magic, CD, WildGoose WGS341CD


Frankie Armstrong: Encouragement (Fellside FECD208) Frankie Armstrong, Encouragement, CD, Fellside FECD208, 2008


Three Score and Ten (Topic TOPIC70) Various Artists, Three Score and Ten: 70 Years of Topic Records, 7 CD, Topic TOPIC70, 2009


Leon Rosselson, The World Turned Upside Down, 4 CD, PM Press PMA 014-2 / Fuse CFCD077, 2009


Frankie Armstrong and Friends: What's She Got to Smile At…? (GF*M/Pirate Jenny) Frankie Armstrong, What's She Got to Smile At…?, CD, GF*M/Pirate Jenny, 2016


Green Ribbons: Green Ribbons (Matière Mémoire MATME003CD) Green Ribbons, Green Ribbons, CD, Matière Mémoire MATME003CD, 2019

From Here: English Folk Field Recordings Volume 2 (From Here SITW011CD) Stick in the Wheel present: From Here: English Folk Field Recordings Volume 2, CD/LP, From Here SITW011CD/SITW011LP, 2019


Frankie Armstrong and Friends: Cats of Coven Lawn (GF*M/Pirate Jenny) Frankie Armstrong, Cats of Coven Lawn, CD, GF*M/Pirate Jenny, 22 January 2021


Non-essential albums, e.g. various artists compilations with Frankie Armstrong tracks easily available elsewhere, are listed in grey instead of black.