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Bibliography of Frankie Armstrong

My Song Is My Own (Pluto Press)

Kathy Henderson, Frankie Armstrong and Sandra Kerr:
My Song is My Own.
London: Pluto Press, 1979.
ISBN 0-86104-032-5 (paperback), 0-86104-033-3 (hardback)

One hundred traditional and composed women’s songs from the British Isles, with select bibliography and discography.

As Far As the Eye Can Sing (Women’s Press)

Frankie Armstrong (edited by Jenny Pearson):
As Far As the Eye Can Sing: An Autobiography.
London: Women’s Press, 1992.
ISBN 0-7043-4294-4

Well Tuned Women (Women’s Press)

Frankie Armstrong, Jenny Pearson (editors):
Well Tuned Women: Growing Strong Through Voice Work.
London: Women’s Press, 2001.
ISBN 0-7043-4649-4

Essays from leading international women voice trainers and artists