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San Diego Folk Festival ’74

San Diego Folk Festival ’74 (KPBS 101)

San Diego Folk Festival ’74
Various Artists

KPBS Public Broadcasting San Diego KPBS 101 (LP, USA, 1974)

Recorded 24-28 April 1974 at the San Diego Folk Music Festival, San Diego State University;
Produced by Ken Kramer;
Engineered by Mike Stark and Norb Gallery;
Disc mastering: Terry More;
Cover art: Vince Molinare


Side 1

The La Jolla Civic Country Dance Orchestra

  1. Girl With the Blue Dress On / Jenny’s Gone to Litton
  2. Coleraine

Sam Hinton

  1. Eagle’s Whistle
  2. Haste to the Wedding
  3. Fisher’s Hornpipe
  4. Swanee River

Johnnie Walker

  1. Albert and the ’eadsman
  2. The Ghost of Anne Boleyn

Frankie Armstrong

with Holly Tannen, dulcimer, and Susie Rothfield, fiddle

  1. I’m Gonna Be an Engineer

Side 2

Kenny Hall

  1. Roll On, Little Dogies, Roll On
  2. Brazilian Tune

Sam Chatmon

  1. Blues to See My Baby

Martin Henry

  1. The Wreck of the Royal Palm
  2. Hello Hawaii

Bruce ‘Utah’ Phillips

  1. Hobo’s Last Ride
  2. Kid’s Liberation Song
  3. Touch Me

All tracks trad. except
Track 9 Peggy Seeger