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Temporary Loss of Vision

Leon Rosselson: Temporary Loss of Vision (Fzse CF384)

Temporary Loss of Vision
Leon Rosselson

Fuse Records CF384 (LP, UK, 1983)

Recorded at Gateway Studio, London, May 1983
Produced by Martin Carthy with Dave Ward
Engineer: Dave Ward
Sleeve design: Francette Pacteau


Leon Rosselson, Ruth Rosselson, Frankie Armstrong, Ann Mary Bettenson, Chris Bettenson, Rose Sarah Bettenson, Martin Carthy, Howard Evans, Kirstie Hyder, Sandra Kerr, Steve King, Sarah Marshall, Simon Nicol, Firoz Shapur, Roger Williams


Side 1Side 2
  1. Story Line (4.20)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Howard Evans, trumpet; Firoz Shapur, French horn; Roger Williams, trombone; Steve King, synthesiser
  2. Penny for the Guy (3.12)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Simon Nicol, electric guitar; Martin Carthy, acoustic guitar, drum; Steve King, synthesiser
  3. Pills (3.15)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar; Sandra Kerr, concertina, whistle, chorus; Martin Carthy, chorus
  4. Rejoice (2.45)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Firoz Shapur, piano
  5. No-one Is Responsible (6.30)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  1. The Enemy's Poised to Attack (5.50)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, guitar
  2. My Daughter, My Son (2.40)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Martin Carthy, guitar; Steve King, synthesiser
  3. Sun (2.40)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals; Steve King, synthesiser; Sarah Marshall, flute
  4. The Last Chance (11.39)
    Leon Rosselson, vocals, piano
  5. One Two Three (1.52)
    Frankie Armstrong, Ann Mary Bettenson, Rose Sarah Bettenson, Chris Bettenson, Kirstie Hyder, Ruth Rosselson, Leon Rosselson, vocals

All songs by Leon Rosselson;
Brass arrangement for track 1 by Firoz Shapur