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No Masters Co-operative: No Masters (Voice)

No Masters Voice (No Masters NMVCD4)

No Masters (Voice)
No Masters Co-operative

No Masters Co-operative NMVCD4 / NMVMC4 (CD / cassette, UK, 1994)

No Masters (No Masters NMVCD4)

With new songs by John Tams, Lal Waterson, Jim Boyes, Lester Simpson, Mike Waterson, Jo Freya and Ray Hearne. The members of No Masters together in a unique collection of new and specially written songs.

Music that tugs a forelock to nobody, but pays homage to its roots and traditions by using them creatively, in the way traditional performers have always done.

The album was first issued as No Masters Voice and later re-named to No Masters. HMV was not amused.


  1. Ray Hearne: January Snows [Ray Hearne / trad.] (6.31)
  2. Mike Waterson: McIlroy the Emerald Cowboy [Mike Waterson] (4.21)
  3. Jim Boyes: Enterprise [Jim Boyes] (6.11)
  4. Lester Simpson, John Tams: Shearwaters / The Star at North Dalton [Lester Simpson, John Tams] (4.58)
  5. Jo Freya, Kathryn Locke: The Letter [Jo Freya] (4.37)
  6. Coope Boyes & Simpson: Jerusalem Revisited [Jim Boyes] (4.53)
  7. Token Women: The Lost Elephant [Kathryn Locke] (4.11)
  8. Lal Waterson: Midnight Feast [Lal Waterson] (3.35)
  9. The Questionnaires: The Exile [John Tams] (4.36)