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Blood and Gold / Mohacs

[Andy Irvine / Jane Cassidy; Dan Ar Braz]

Dan Ar Braz, guitar;
Huw Warren, keyboards;
Jim Sutherland, percussion;
Rick Kemp, bass guitar;
Andrew Cronshaw, Chinese flutes, whistles, bombardes

This song and tune are from the Silly Sisters' second album No More to the Dance. A live recording from the Maddy Prior, Family & Friends Christmas tour of 1999 was released on the CD Ballads and Candles.

Andy Irvine wrote in the Digital Tradition:

This one started as a Romanian song collected by Bela Bartok in the early part of this century. A friend of mine, Jane Cassidy from Kilkeel, Co. Down and myself re-wrote it a few times and put it to a Bulgarian dance-song tune (When a dance is danced to singing, the singers themselves also dance). This song is in Paidushka rhythm 5/16.


Sorry, I can't show the lyrics here as I don't have the copyright owners' permission to publish them. But please feel free and ask me to send you the song's lyrics.