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Steve Ashley's Family Album

Steve Ashley's Family Album (Road Goes On Forever RGF CD002)

Steve Ashley's Family Album
Steve Ashley

Woodworm Records WR 002 (LP, UK, 1983)
Road Goes On Forever RGF CD002 (CD, UK, 1991)

Produced by Steve Ashley, Dave Pegg, and Bruce Rowland;
Engineered by Mark Powell at Woodworm Studios, Barford St. Michael, Oxon


Steve Ashley: vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mouth harp;
Chris Leslie, fiddle, mandolin, vocals;
Simon Nicol, electric guitar;
Dave Pegg, bass guitar;
Bruce Rowland, drums, percussion;
Martin Brinsford, mouth organ, melodeon;
“Capes”, vocal harmonies (arr. Tom Morrell);
Mark Powell, keyboards;
Trevor Foster, drums


  1. Family Love (4.11)
  2. Born to Rule (4.10)
  3. Pancake Day (2.30)
  4. Lost and Found (3.17)
  5. Once in a While (4.28)
  6. Feelin' Lazy (4.27)
  7. I'm a Radio (2.55)
  8. Days Like Today (3.07)
  9. Love Is All We Live For (3.38)
  10. Little Bit of Love (4.43)
  11. The Rough With the Smooth (6.56)

All songs written by Steve Ashley

Sleeve Notes by Steve Ashley

In January 1979 the Steve Ashley Family Show was first performed in Cheltenham. Taking part were Chris Leslie, Dave Pegg, Simon Nicol and Martin Brinsford along with a couple of dancers and a slapstick pastry cook. We repeated the show a few times with the addition of Bruce Rowland and the vocal harmony group Capes. The most memorable performances were for Help the Angel and The International Year of the Child.

The songs on this record are those from the show. I had hoped to see them released on an album by 1980, but the record companies that we approached at the time were unwilling to take the risk. Throughout 1981 I found myself playing festivals and benefits for CND and to peace groups everywhere and my previous songs were left on ice. Unfortunately the “Family Tapes” were left to gather dust at Dave Pegg's Woodworm Studios. Throughout their three year confinement various people have urged me to release the songs myself and so with great support from the musicians involved and after a few small changes here and there, I have taken that advice.

After all, family love is a joy to see and it seems foolish for us not to enjoy such pleasures while we can.

Steve Ashley, Cheltenham 1982