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Danny Rose

[Lal & Mike Waterson]

Mike Waterson sang Danny Rose in 1972 his and his sister Lal’s album Bright Phoebus. He was accompanied by Richard Thompson, lead guitar, Martin Carthy, acoustic guitar, Ashley Hutchings, bass guitar, and Dave Mattacks, drums. A 1971 demo with just guitar accompaniment was included in 2017 on the of the album’s reissue’s bonus CD.

Cover Versions

  1. Billy Bragg & The Blokes (Billy Bragg, vocals and guitar; Ben Mandelson, Vietnamese lap steel and Fender bajo sexto; Lu Edmonds, electric guitars; Ian McLagan, Hammond B3 organ; Martyn Barker, drums and percussion; Simon Edwards, bass guitar) on the tribute album Shining Bright: The Songs of Lal & Mike Waterson (Topic CD TSCD519, 2002)


Mike Waterson sings Danny Rose

Dare Danny Rose stole an automobile
That Danny Rose know’d he oughtn’t to steal.
Fighting and stealing that’s how Danny rose.
Shouting his name so that everybody know’d
He was a dare Danny Rose.

Dare Danny blowed, he thought he’d go it alone.
There Danny goes with his gun and his comb.
Shooting and stealing that’s how Danny growed.
Shouting his fame so that everybody know’d
He was a rare Danny Rose.

Dare Danny Rose they say that they’ll get you.
Hang up your clothes and people pay to inspect you.
Saying here is the blood stained jacket he wore.
This is his original gun, never been shown
To the public before.

Danny Rose stole an automobile
That Danny Rose really oughtn’t to steal.
He hit the road block: they saw him explode.
No one could save him but how my Danny glowed
Till early morning.

Rare Danny, please say a prayer for Danny Rose.