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Nic Jones Chronological Discography


The Halliard: It’s the Irish in Me (Saga SOC 1058) The Halliard, It’s the Irish in Me, LP, Saga SOC 1058, 1967


The Halliard : Jon Raven (Broadside BRO 106) The Halliard with Jon Raven, The Halliard : Jon Raven, LP, Broadside BRO 106, 1968


Nic Jones: Ballads and Songs (Trailer LER 2014) Nic Jones, Ballads and Songs, LP, Trailer LER 2014, 1970

Dave & Toni Arthur: Hearken to the Witches Rune (Trailer LER 2017) Dave & Toni Arthur, Hearken to the Witches Rune, LP, Trailer LER 2017, 1970

The Folk Trailer (Trailer LER 2019) Various Artists, The Folk Trailer, LP, Trailer LER 2019, 1970

The Mole Catcher (private issue) Various Artists, The Mole Catcher, LP, private issue COUN210, probably 1970


Nic Jones: Nic Jones (Trailer LER 2027) Nic Jones, Nic Jones, LP, Trailer LER 2027, 1971

Dave Burland: A Dalesman’s Litany (Trailer LER 2029) Dave Burland, A Dalesman’s Litany, LP, Trailer LER 2029, 1971

Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band: No Roses (Pegasus PEG 7) Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band: No Roses (B&C CREST 11) Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band: No Roses (Philips 6303 046) Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band, No Roses, LP, Pegasus PEG 7, 1971

Barbara Dickson: From the Beggar’s Mantle… Fringed With Gold (Phonograph Folk PHFCD 1001) Barbara Dickson, From the Beggar’s Mantle… Fringed with Gold, LP, Decca SKL 5116, 1971

Martyn Wyndham-Read: Martyn Wyndham-Read (Trailer LER 2028) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Martyn Wyndham-Read, LP, Trailer LER 2028, 1971


Peter Bellamy: Merlin’s Isle of Gramarye (Argo ZFB 81) Peter Bellamy, Merlin’s Isle of Gramarye, LP, Argo ZFB 81, 1972

Dave Burland: Dave Burland (Trailer LER 2082) Dave Burland, Dave Burland, LP, Trailer LER 2082, 1972

Derek & Dorothy Elliott: Derek & Dorothy Elliott (Trailer LER 2023) Derek & Dorothy Elliott, Derek & Dorothy Elliott, LP, Trailer LER 2023, 1972


Jon Raven, Nic Jones, Tony Rose: Songs of a Changing World (Trailer LER 2083) Jon Raven, Tony Rose, Nic Jones, Songs of a Changing World, LP, Trailer LER 2083, 1973


The First Folk Review Record (Folksound FS 100) Various Artists, The First Folk Review Record, LP, Folksound FS 100, 1974

Our Folk Music Heritage (Trailer LETSAM 2087) Various Artists, Our Folk Music Heritage, LP, Trailer LETSAM 2087, 1975


Richard & Linda Thompson: Pour Down Like Silver (Island IMCD 306) Richard & Linda Thompson, Pour Down Like Silver, LP, Island ILPS 9348, 1975


Maddy Prior & June Tabor: Silly Sisters (CHR 1101) Maddy Prior & June Tabor, Silly Sisters, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1101, 1976

June Tabor: Airs and Graces (12TS298) June Tabor, Airs and Graces, LP, Topic 12TS298, 1976

Folk Festival (Transatlantic TRA 324) Various Artists, Folk Festival, 2 LP, Transatlantic TRA(D) 324, 1976


Nic Jones: The Noah’s Ark Trap (Trailer LER 2091) Nic Jones, The Noah’s Ark Trap, LP, Trailer LER 2091, 1977

Peter Bellamy: The Transports (Free Reed FRRD 021/022) Peter Bellamy et al, The Transports, 2 LP, Free Reed FRR 021/022, 1977

Chris Foster: Layers (Topic 12TS329) Chris Foster, Layers, LP, Topic 12TS329, 1977

Tony Hall: Fieldvole Music (Free Reed FRR 012) Tony Hall, Fieldvole Music, LP, Free Reed FRR012, 1977

The High Level Ranters, Martyn Wyndham-Read: English Sporting Ballads (Broadside BRO 128) The High Level Ranters, Martyn Wyndham-Read, English Sporting Ballads, LP, Broadside BRO 128, 1977

June Tabor: Ashes and Diamonds (Topic TSCD350) June Tabor, Ashes and Diamonds, LP, Topic 12TS360, 1977

Fylde Acoustic (Trailer LER 2105) Various Artists, Fylde Acoustic, LP, Trailer LER 2105, 1977


Bandoggs: Bandoggs (Transatlantic LTRA 504) Bandoggs, Bandoggs, LP, Transatlantic LTRA 504, 1978

Nic Jones: From the Devil to a Stranger (Transatlantic LTRA 507) Nic Jones, From the Devil to a Stranger, LP, Transatlantic LTRA 507, 1978


Martyn Wyndham-Read: Andy’s Gone (Broadside BRO 134) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Andy’s Gone, LP, Broadside BRO 134, 1979

Jim Mageean & Johnny Collins: Make the Rafters Roar (Sweet Folk and Country SFA 103) Jim Mageean & Johnny Collins, Make the Rafters Roar, LP, Sweet Folk and Country SFA 103, 1979


Nic Jones: Penguin Eggs (Topic 12TS411) Nic Jones, Penguin Eggs, LP, Topic 12TS411, 1980

The Good Old Way (Topic TPSS412) Various Artists, The Good Old Way, LP, Topic TPSS412, 1980


Gerry Hallom: Travellin' Down the Castlereagh (Fellside FE026) Gerry Hallom, Travellin' Down the Castlereagh, LP, Fellside FE026, 1981

June Tabor: Ashes and Diamonds (Topic TSCD350) Paul Metsers, Caution to the Wind, LP, Highway SHY 7014, 1981

Martyn Wyndham-Read: Emu Plains (Fellside FE027) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Emu Plains, LP, Fellside FE027, 1981


Dave Burland: You Can’t Fool the Fat Man (Rubber RUB 036) Dave Burland, You Can’t Fool the Fat Man, LP, Rubber RUB 036, 1982

The English Country Blues Band: No Rules (Dingle’s DIN 323) The English Country Blues Band, No Rules, LP, Dingle’s DIN 323, 1982

Steve Turner: Jigging One Now (Fellside FE030) Steve Turner, Jigging One Now, LP, Fellside FE030, 1982


Flash Company (Fellside FE050) Various Artists, Flash Company: A Celebration of the First 10 Years of Fellside Records, LP, Fellside FE050, 1986


Gerry Hallom: Old Australian Ways (Fellside FE074) Gerry Hallom, Old Australian Ways, LP, Fellside FE074, 1989


Richard Thompson: Watching the Dark (Hannibal HNCD 5303) Richard Thompson, Watching the Dark, 3 CD, Hannibal HNCD 5303, 1993

The Folk Collection (TSCD470) Various Artists, The Folk Collection, CD, Topic TSCD470, 1993


Maddy Prior: Memento: The Best of Maddy Prior (Park PRK CD28) Maddy Prior, Memento, CD, Park PRKCD 28, 1995

Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 3 (Rhino R2 72162) Various Artists, Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 3, CD, Rhino R2 72162, 1995


Gerry Hallom: Undiscovered Australia II (Musica Pangaea MP10003) Gerry Hallom, Undiscovered Australia II, CD, Musica Pangaea MP10003, 1996

Linda Thompson: Dreams Fly Away (Hannibal HNCD 1379) Linda Thompson, Dreams Fly Away: A History of Linda Thompson, CD, Hannibal HNCD 1379, 1996

Martyn Wyndham-Read: Undiscovered Australia (Musica Pangaea MP10002) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Undiscovered Australia, CD, Musica Pangaea MP10002, 1996

The Voice of Folk (TSCD705) Various Artists, The Voice of Folk, CD, Topic TSCD705, 1996


The Halliard : Jon Raven (MR77) The Halliard with Jon Raven, Mike Raven, Joan Mills, Saga, The Halliard : Jon Raven / The Jolly Machine, CD, MR77, 1997

Gerry Hallom: On the Periphery (William Boyd WBMCD001) Gerry Hallom, On the Periphery, CD, William Boyd Music WBMCD001, 1997

Ballads (Fellside FECD110) Various Artists, Ballads, CD, Fellside FECD110, 1997

New Electric Muse II (Castle ESB CD 517) Various Artists, New Electric Muse, Volume 2, 3 CD, Castle Music ESB CD 517, 1997


Nic Jones: In Search of Nic Jones (Mollie MMCD01) Nic Jones, In Search of Nic Jones, CD, Mollie MMCD01, 1998


John Wesley Harding: Trad Arr Jones (Zero Hour ZER CD 2210) John Wesley Harding, Trad Arr Jones, CD, Zero Hour ZER CD 2210, 1999
an album of cover version of Nic Jones’ songs

English Originals (Topic TSCD706) Various Artists, English Originals: A Defining Collection of English Folk Song, CD, Topic TSCD706, 1999

The Folk Collection (Topic TSCD707/8) Various Artists, The Folk Collection, 2 CD, Topic TSCD707/8, 1999


And We'll All Have Tea (Proper / Retro R2CD 40-106) Various Artists, And We'll All Have Tea… English Folk Anthology, 2 CD, Proper / Retro R2CD 40-106, 2000


Nic Jones: Unearthed (Mollie MMCD02/03) Nic Jones, Unearthed, 2 CD, Mollie MMCD02/03, 2001

Flash Company (Fellside FECD156) Various Artists, Flash Company: A Celebration of 25 Years of Fellside Records (1976-2001), 2 CD, Fellside FECD156, 2001


The English Country Blues Band: Unruly (Weekend Beatnik WEBE 9040) The English Country Blues Band, Unruly, CD, Weekend Beatnik WEBE 9040, 2002

The Acoustic Folk Box (Topic TSFCD 4001) Various Artists, The Acoustic Folk Box, 4 CD, Topic TSFCD4001, 2002

This Label Is Not Removable (Free Reed FRTCD 25) Various Artists, This Label is Not Removable, 3 CD, Free Reed FRTCD 25, 2002


The English Collection (Highpoint HPO6010) Various Artists, The English Collection, CD, Highpoint HPO6010, 2004

Folk Festival Sidmouth (Godd Disks GOTTBOX 011) Various Artists, Folk Festival: A Celebration of Music Recorded at the Sidmouth International Festival, 2 CD, Gott Disks GOTTBOX 011, 2004


The Halliard: Broadside Songs (Molly Music MMCD04) The Halliard, Broadside Songs, CD and book, Mollie Music MMCD04, 2005

June Tabor: Always (Topic TSFCD4003) June Tabor, Always, 4 CD, Topic TSFCD4003, 2005

Never the Same (HJRCD19) Various Artists, Our Folk Music Heritage, CD, Honest Jon's HJRCD19, 2005

Tracks That Influenced Bob Dylan (Uncut) Various Artists, Tracks That Influenced Bob Dylan, CD, Uncut, 2005


Nic Jones: Game Set Match (Topic TSCD566) Nic Jones, Game Set Match, CD, Topic TSCD566, 2006

The Halliard: The Last Goodnight! (Olde Musick OMMCD05) The Halliard, The Last Goodnight!, CD, Olde Musick OMMCD05, 2006

Midwinter (Free Reed FRQCD30) Various Artists, Midwinter, 4 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 30, 2006


Folk Awards 2007 Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2007, 3 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK03, 2007


Three Score and Ten (Topic TOPIC70) Various Artists, Three Score and Ten: 70 Years of Topic Records, 7 CD, Topic TOPIC70, 2009


Wretches & Jabberers (Rumor Mill) J. Ralph, Wretches & Jabberers, CD, Rumor Mill, 2011


Kate Rusby: Twenty (Island 3717612) Kate Rusby, 20, 2 CD, Island 3717612, 2012


Nic Jones: The Enigma of Nic Jones (Topic TSDVD590) Nic Jones, The Enigma of Nic Jones, DVD, Topic TSDVD590, 2014


Geoff Lakeman: After All These Years (Geoff Lakeman GLAK-01) Geoff Lakeman, After All These Years, CD, Geoff Lakeman GLAK-01, 2016


Topic: The Real Sound of Folk Music (Topic TICD001) Various Artists, Topic Records: The Real Sound of Folk Music, 2 CD, Topic TICD001, 2017


An Introduction to Nic Jones (Topic TICD014) Nic Jones, An Introduction to, CD, Topic TICD014, 6 June 2019

Strings That Nimble Leap (Fellside FECD285) Various Artists, Strings That Nimble Leap, Fylde Guitars and Their Players, 2 CD, Fylde Guitars / Fellside FECD285, 2019