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Flook! Live!

Flook!: Live! (Small Time Small CD 9495)


Small Time Small CD 9495 (CD, UK, 1997)

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Recorded live at Sidmouth Festival on 6-7 August 1996
except [5] recorded live in Angie’s Kitchen, South Norwood, in October 1996;
Engineered by Q. Fletcher;
Mastered and edited by Nick Freetz;
Photography by Dave Peabody, Jürgen Grimme and Ron Hill


Sarah Allen: accordion, flutes, whistle;
Brian Finnegan: flutes, tin whistles;
Michael McGoldrick: flutes, tin whistles;
Ed Boyd: guitar, bouzouki


  1. Branholm / Trip to Herve’s (4.06)
  2. Knocknamoe Jig / Custy’s / Trip to Brittany (4.50)
  3. Jizique (5.11)
  4. Brian’s Reel / Peter’s Epic Journey (3.18)
  5. In Another Life (5.05)
  6. Blackberry Blossom / The Independence (4.18)
  7. The History Man (3.32)
  8. The Dub Reel (6.01)

Track 1a Máire Breatnach;
Tracks 1b, 2c Michael McGoldrick;
Track 2a Eamon McElholm;
Track 2b, 6ab trad. arr. Flook!;
Track 3 Gilles Le Bigot;
Tracks 4a, 5 Sarah Allen;
Track 4b Brian Finnegan;
Track 7 Andy Cutting;
Track 8 Copyright Control

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Flook: Flatfish

Flook: Flatfish (Flatfish 002CD)


Flatfish Records 002CD (CD, UK, 1999)

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Recorded by Jonathon Barrett at Suide 16, Rochdale, in August 1999;
Mixed by Claire Lewis and Jacquie Turner at Realworld Studios;
Mixing producer Andrew Cranshaw;
Mastered at BPM;
Design by Guy Jackson Productions;
Illustration by Andrea Davies;
Photography by Nick David


Sarah Allen: flute, alto flute, whistle, accordion;
Ed Boyd: guitar, bouzouki, mandolin;
Brian Finnegan: flutes, whistles, bansuri;
John Joe Kelly: bodhrán


  1. Calico: The Happy Aunt / The Central Line / The Paper Bird (3.21)
  2. E Reels: Blink / West Clare Reel / Lexy Macaskill’s (3.43)
  3. The Gentle Giant: Macedonian Oro / The Gentle Giant (4.11)
  4. Sligo Reel: The Sligo Reel / The American Polka (4.11)
  5. Flatfish: Flatfish / Thornhill Road / White Ashes (7.30)
  6. Happy Jigs: A Short Journey I / A Short Journey II (3.17)
  7. Bruno: Bruno / A Quiet Autumn (4.39)
  8. Waltzes: Vero’s / The Acharavi Waltz / From Kerry We Did Sail (7.36)
  9. Flutopia: Munera de Casa / Gavotenn bro. dardoup / Macedonian Oro / Thomas McIlvogue’s (7.59)

Tracks 1abc Diarmaid Moynihan;
Tracks 2ab, 3a, 4b, 8a, 9abc trad.,
Track 2c Dr. John Macaskill;
Tracks 3b, 5bc Brian Finnegan;
Tracks 4a, 6ab Eamon McElholm;
Track 5a Sarah Allen, Brian Finnegan;
Tracks 7ab Sarah Allen;
Track 8b Kathryn Tickell;
Track 8c Fred Guichen;
Track 9d Thomas McIlvogue

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Flook: Rubai

Flook: Rubai (Flatfish 004CD)


Flatfish Records 004CD (CD, UK, 2002)

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Recorded by Mark Tucker at Presshouse Studios, Devon;
Additional recording at Ibiza Studios, Devon;
Bass recorded by Kim Planert at Secret Music, Glasgow;
Percussion recorded by Martin Cradick and Ed Boyd at March Hare Studios, Bath;
Trombone recorded by Dave Little at Sound Station, Galashiels;
Mix and post production at Presshouse Studios, Devon;
Mixed and produced by Flook and Mark Tucker;
Design by Guy Jackson Productions;
Illustration by Andrea Davies;
Photography by Julian Andrew


Sarah Allen: flute, alto flute, accordion;
Ed Boyd: guitar, bouzouki;
Brian Finnegan: flutes, whistles;
John Joe Kelly: bodhrán, mandolin

Martin Cradick: wah wah mandolin;
Colin Farrell: fiddle,;
Seckou Keita: hi-hats, shaker, sogo;
Rory McLeod: trombone;
Mark Tucker: e-bow acoustic guitar;
Ewen Vernal: bass


  1. Pod: Baldy Hollow / The Empty Pod (4.54)
  2. Ballybrolly Jigs: The North Star / The Ghost of Ballybrolly / Mulineira de Santalla d’Ozcos (4.26)
  3. Beehive: Beehive / Poon Hill / Vladimir’s Steamboat (4.59)
  4. Glass: Glass Polska (4.24)
  5. G.D.’S: Hooper’s Loop / Pressed for Time (3.53)
  6. Granny: Granny in the Attic / Blue Ball / The False Proof (6.07)
  7. Rosbeg: Suaimhneas Intinne / Rosbeg (4.51)
  8. Larry: Kalamantinos / Larry Get Out of the Bin / Elzic’s Farewell (4.56)
  9. Natterjack: Ramnee Ceilidh / Natterjack’s Reel / Conlágh’s Big Day (4.48)

Tracks 1a, 3a, 6ab Sarah Allen;
Tracks 1b, 2ab, 3b, 7ab, 9c Brian Finnegan;
Track 8b Sarah Allen, Brian Finnegan;
Tracks 2c, 8ac trad.,
Track 3c Jay Ungar;
Track 4a Ale Möller;
Track 5a Sarah Allen, Ed Boyd, Brian Finnegan, John Joe Kelly, Mark Tucker;
Tracks 5b, 9a Gordon Duncan;
Track 6c Jowan Merckx;
Track 9b Colin Farrell

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Flook: Haven

Flook: Haven (Flatfish 005CD)


Flatfish Records 005CD (CD, UK, 2005)

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Recorded by Mark Tucker at Presshouse Studios, Devon;
Additional recording, mix and post production at Ibiza Studios, Devon;
Mixed by Mark Tucker and Ed Boyd;
Ewen Vernal recorded by Iain Graham in Glasgow;
Seckou Keita and Andy Davies recorded by Ed Boyd in Bath;
Leon Hunt recorded by Josh Clark in Bath;
Padraig Rynne recorded by Mud Wallace in Randalstown;
Catriona McKay recorded by Fionan De Barra in Glasgow;
Design by Guy Jackson Productions;
Illustration by Andrea Davies;
Photography by Nick David


Sarah Allen: alto i& concert flute, accordion;
Ed Boyd: guitar, bouzouki;
Brian Finnegan: flutes, whistles;
John Joe Kelly: bodhrán, mandolin

Andy Davies: Hammond organ;
Leon Hunt: 5-string banjo;
Seckou Keita: percussion;
Catriona McKay: harp;
Padraig Rynne: Anglo concertina;
Mark Tucker: e-bow acoustic guitar;
Ewen Vernal: bass


  1. The Tortoise and the Hare: Sleeping Tortoise / The Girls in Boisdale (5.31)
  2. Gone Fishing: Gone Fishing / Shuffle (4.02)
  3. Mouse Jigs: Son Ar Rost / Jig for John #1 / The Mouse in the Kitchen (4.21)
  4. Souter Creek: The House of Little Lights / Souter Creek (5.09)
  5. Asturian Way: Peter Street / The Drunken Acrobat / The Asturian Way (4.12)
  6. Wrong Foot Forward: Wrong Foot Forward / Apollo Bay Reel / The Cats of Camazen (5.43)
  7. Padraig’s: Thank You Sean / Fechin Inn (4.34)
  8. Road to Errogie: Tir Rafartaigh / The Road to Errorgie (4.48)
  9. On One Beautiful Day: On One Beautiful Day (Eräänä Kauniina Päivänä) (3.31)

Tracks 1a, 2a Sarah Allen;
Track 1b Ryan J. MacNeil;
Track 2b Damien O’Kane;
Track 3a Herri Leon;
Track 3b Liz Knoles;
Tracks 3c, 5b Colin Farrell;
Tracks 4a, 5c, 6b, 7b Brian Finnegan;
Track 4b Aidan O’Rourke;
Tracks 5a, 6a Sarah Allen, Brian Finnegan;
Track 6c Brendan Ring;
Track 7a Padraig Rynne;
Track 8a Michael Rooney;
Track 8b Adam Sutherland;
Track 9 Esko Järvelä

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Brian Finnegan: The Ravishing Genius of Bones

Brian Finnegan: The Ravishing Genius of Bones (Singing Tree STM001)

The Ravishing Genius of Bones
Brian Finnegan

Singing Tree Music STM001 (CD, UK, 9 August 2010)

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Produced by Leon Hunt, Ed Boyd and Brian Finnegan;
Recorded by Leon Hunt and Ed Boyd at The Brown Ratio, Bath;
Additional editing by Josh Clark;
Mixed by David Lord, Leon Hunt, Ed Boyd and Brian Finnegan at Inner State Studio, Bath;
Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio, Cowley, Oxford;
Additional recording by Boris Rubekin at Aquarium International St Petersburg, Russia;
Album artwork by Germano Ovani;
Album design by Lizzy Doe;
Album photography by Dougal Waters


Brian Finnegan: whistles and flutes;
Ed Boyd: guitars;
Leon Hunt: banjo, dobro;
Ian Stephenson: double bass;
Aidan O’Rourke: fiddle [7];
Damien O’Kane: banjo [3b], tenor guitar [7];
Rex Preston: mandolin [2-3];
Rachel Cross: fiddles [9a];
Justin Adams: electric guitar [4];
Tim Robinson: calabash [4];
Jamie Matthews: harmonica on [2, 6];
Lucy Wright: jew’s harp [4];
James Fagan: bouzouki;
Melvin Ifill: steel drums;
John Joe Kelly: bodhrán;
Crooked Still … Aoife: Cory, Greg and Rushad;
Andrey Surotdinov and the St Petersburg Strings:
    Andrey Surotdinov: violin, viola;
    Natalia Maikova, Alexander Baranov, Nastya Guseva, Alexander Fedeev: violins;
    Alexaner Gorbunov: viola;
    Alexey Zhilin: cello


  1. Steps: Three Little Steps / Goldy’s (4.33)
  2. Fly: Lunchtime Boredom / Bok-Espok / Rusty Gully / Superfly (8.14)
  3. Marga’s: Marga’s Moment / The Crooked Still Reel (6.01)
  4. Belfast: Back to Belfast / Anne Lacey / Eroticon VI (5.04)
  5. Starrs: Last of the Starrs (4.59)
  6. Joy: Seaside Dee / Two for Joy / Castlerock Road (6.16)
  7. Frida: Forest Baby / Morna / Blue Gaze (6.13)
  8. Only: If Only a Little (2.56)
  9. Nightride: The 40 Year Waltz / Night Ride to Armagh (6.07)

Tracks 1ab, 3ab, 5, 6b, 7abc, 8, 9ab Brian Finnegan;
Track 2a Padraig Rynne;
Track 2b Kepa Junkera;
Track 2c trad.;
Track 2d Kevin O’Neill;
Track 4a Barry Kerr;
Track 4b Liz Carroll;
Track 4c Adam Sutherland;
Tracks 6ac Damien O’Kane

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Flook: Ancora

Flook: Ancora (Flatfish 006CD)


Flatfish Records 006CD (CD, UK, 12 April 2019)

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Produced by Mark Tucker and Ed Boyd;
Executive producer Sarah Allen;
Additional production by Steve Jones [2, 9];
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Tucker at Abbey Recording Studios Eynsham and The Green Room, Devon;
Additional recording by Ed Boyd, Sean Og Graham, Dave Sinko, Jamie Pryke and Brian McDonagh;
Photography by Naoki Fujioka;
Cover drawing by Germano Ovani;
Cover design by I Want Design


Brian Finnegan: flutes, whistles;
Sarah Allen: alto i& concert flute, accordion;
Ed Boyd: guitar, bouzouki, piano;
John Joe Kelly: bodhrán

Simon Chrisman: hammer dulcimer [4-5];
Phil Cunningham: piano accordion [3];
Amadou Diagne: percussion [1, 5, 7, 9, 12];
Philip Henry: lap steel [7];
Trevor Hutchinson: upright bass [1, 7];
Melvin Ifill: steel drums [4];
Matthias Loibner: hurdy-gurdy [8-9];
Conor McCreanor: upright bass [2, 4-5, 10];
Niall Murphy: fiddle [5, 7];
Patsy Reid: cello, viola, violin [10];
Eva Tejador: pandereta asturiana [6];
Mark Tucker: theramin [12]


  1. Reel for Rubik / Toward the Sun (5.07)
  2. The Crystal Year / Foxes’ Fock (5.19)
  3. Companion Star (2.48)
  4. The Coral Castle (4.19)
  5. Turquoise Girl / The Tree Climber / Twelve Weeks and a Day / Rounding Malin Head (5.59)
  6. The Bunting Fund (1.39)
  7. Ocean Child (2.40)
  8. Lalabee (4.22)
  9. Jig for Simon (3.22)
  10. Ellie Goes West (3.46)
  11. Sharig / The Pipers of Roguery / The Huntsman (4.41)
  12. Ómós Sheamuis / The Quickenbeam (5.25)

Tracks 1ab, 2a, 7, 10, 11a Brian Finnegan;
Tracks 2b, 9 Sarah Allen, Brian Finnegan;
Tracks 3, 5a, 6 Sarah Allen;
Track 4 Brian Finnegan, Ashley Broder;
Track 5b Simon Chrisman;
Track 5c Jarlath Henderson;
Tracks 5d, 12a Zoë Conway;
Track 8 Matthias Loibner;
Tracks 11b, 12b John McSherry;
Track 11c Sam Lakeman


Flook at the Hudson Records Listening Club on 5 July 2020:

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Brian Finnegan: Hunger of the Skin

Brian Finnegan: Hunger of the Skin (Singing Tree STM013)

Hunger of the Skin
Brian Finnegan

Singing Tree Music STM013 (CD, UK, 12 March 2021)

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Produced and arranged by Brian Finnegan and Seán Óg Graham
except track 5 arranged by Brian Finnegan, Seán Óg Graham and Liam Bradley;
Recorded and mixed by Seán Óg Graham in Bannview Studios, Portglenone;
Additional recording at Simpson Street Studios, The Broen Ratio, Magic Room;
Mastered by Richard Dowling at WAV Mastering, Limerick;
Cover artwork by Rus Khasanov;
Design by Jesse Smith

Folk Radio UK review by Johnny Whalley


Brian Finnegan: flutes, whistles;
Seán Óg Graham: acoustic and electric guitars, tenor guitar, bouzouki, keyboards, button accordion, programming cavaquinho, ukulele

with guests
Liam Bradley: drums, percussion, loops [1-8];
Ian Stephenson: upright bass [ 3, 6-7], fretless bass [2, 4], guitar and piano [6];
Patsy Reid: fiddle, viola, cello, string arrangements [2-4, 9];
Ashley Hoyer: mandolin [6];
Sarah Allen: alto flute [8];
Niamh Dunne: fiddle, viola, string arrangement [7];
Morna Finnegan: poem ‘Dare’ [2, 9];
Gearóid MacLochlainn: poem ‘Dust’ [1];
Connor McCreanor: electric bass [1];
Anton Boiarskikh: trombone [5];
Paul Dunlea: trombone [2];
Sheema Mukherjee: sitar, vocals [4];
John Joe Kelly: bodhrán [4, 7];
Eva Roa Flores: vocals [7];
Ollin Roa Finnegan: voice [5];
Leon Hunt: banjo [1, 9];
Melvin Iffil: steel pans [2-3];
Ed Boyd: guitar [1];
Joseph Carmichael: guitar [3];
Boris Grebenshikov: poem ‘Bird Crusade’ [5];
Ant Romero: percussion [3];
Tony Donnelly: vocals [6b];
Colum Sands: vocals [3];
Jenn Butterworth: guitar [7]


  1. Dusts / An Damhsa Dubh (5.17)
  2. Fathom (3.56)
  3. Crossing Rubicons / Ollin (7.39)
  4. Chase the Shouting Wind (5.20)
  5. Flow, in the Year Of Wu Wei (7.02)
  6. Two Trees / Tony (7.16)
  7. Trigger’s Laments / Jig for Amélies / Red Planet Blues (5.49)
  8. Equator Light (4.50)
  9. Dare (3.16)

All music by Brian Finnegah;
Track 1 features the original poem ‘Dusts’ by Gearóid Mac Lochlainn;
Tracks 2, 9 feature the original poem ‘Dare’ by Morna Finnegan;
Track 3 features the original poem ‘The Coming of Light’ by Mark Strand;
Track 5 Features the original verse ‘Bird Crusade’ by Boris Grebenshikov

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