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The Panic Brothers: In the Red

The Panic Brothers: In the Red (Special Delivery SPM 1003)

In the Red
The Panic Brothers

Special Delivery (Topic Records) SPM 1003 (45 rpm EP, UK, 1987)

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Recorded almost live at Ideal Sound Recorders, 1987;
Engineered by David Kenny;
Produced by Clive Gregson;
Photography by Duncan MacPherson;
Design by Tony Engle


Reg Meuross, acoustic guitar, vocals;
Richard Morton, acoustic guitar, vocals;
B.J. Cole, pedal steel guitar;
Martin Hughes, percussion, scrap metal, cardbord box;
Geraint Watkins, piano, accordion;
Robin McKidd, banjo;
Ed Korolyk, violin, viola;
Ruari McFarlane, electric bass, double bass;
Clive Gregson, electric guitar, organ, piano [10]


Side 1Side 2
  1. Bivouac (1.44)
  2. No News (2.34)
  3. I Made a Mess of a Dirty Weekend (3.19)
  4. Repo Man (3.05)
  5. Almost As Blue As Hank Williams (3.38)
  1. In Debt (1.57)
  2. Later Than You Think (2.14)
  3. I'm Broke in Everything But My Heart (3.24)
  4. The Late Night Picture Show (2.41)
  5. I've Forgotten What It Is That I Was Drinking to Forget (3.08)

Tracks 1, 3, 5-6, 8 Richard Morton;
Tracks 2, 4, 9 Richard Morton, Reg Meuross;
Tracks 7, 10 Reg Meuross

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Reg Meuross: Still

Reg Meuross: Still (Offspring OFFCD00111)

Reg Meuross

Offspring Records OFFCD00111 (CD, UK, 2006)

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Recorded at Presshouse Studios, Devon;
Recording and mixing engineer: Mark Tucker;
[11] recorded by Roy Dodds at Caverswall St., London;
[12] recorded by Reg Meuross at home;
Artwork and photography by Joey Meuross


Reg Meuross, lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, harmonica;
John “Rabbit” Bundrick, acoustic piano, Hammond organ;
Miranda Sykes, harmony vocals, double bass;
Roy Dodds, drums, percussion;
Sarah Allen, accordion, flute;
Martin Carthy, “Martin” acoustic guitar [11];
Phil Beer, 2nd acoustic guitar [9], fiddle [4, 6, 10, 11];
Lucy Saunt, violin [5, 7];
Sally Glanvill, cello [5, 7]


  1. My Nirvana (3.41)
  2. Down to the River (4.15)
  3. The Man in Edward Hopper's Bar (3.37)
  4. Days Like These (3.31)
  5. All I Want (4.33)
  6. Don't Give Up (4.28)
  7. Something New (4.55)
  8. I'll Come Back (4.47)
  9. Do You Really Want My Love (4.09)
  10. How Many Days (4.42)
  11. The Poacher (5.48)
  12. Morning Glory (4.48)
  13. It's Me or Elvis (3.52)

All tracks by Reg Meuross © Bur Music 2006, except
Track 12 Larry Beckett, Tim Buckley

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Reg Meuross: Dragonfly

Reg Meuross: Dragonfly (Hatsongs HAT001)

Reg Meuross

Hatsongs Records HAT001 (CD, UK, 2008)

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Produced by Reg Meuross and Roy Dodds;
Arranged by Reg Meuross except [14] by Reg Meuross and Roy Dodds;
Recorded by Roy Dodds at Kitchen Floor Studios, London, and on location in Crewkerne, Oxford, Northampton, Devon & The Shed, Hovingham;
Mixed and mastered by Mark Tucker at The Green Room, Devon;
Cover photo by Trevor Leighton


Reg Meuross, vocals, guitar, high string guitar, dulcimer, banjo, keyboards, 4 string mandolin, autoharp, harmonica, thumb piano;
Roy Dodds, drums, percussion;
Jackie Oates, 5 string violin;
Barney Morse-Brown, cello;
Simon Edwards, guitaron, electric and upright bass;
Tim Harries, upright bass;
John “Rabbit” Bundrick, keyboards;
Vashti Gleave, backing vocals;
Cathy Lane, backing vocals [4];
B.J. Cole, dobro [2];
Steve Turner, accordion;
Graham Henderson, accordion [2]


  1. Fool's Gold (3.46)
  2. Without Love (4.16)
  3. The Sound of Hallelujahs (4.52)
  4. Dragonfly (4.24)
  5. Until I Hold You Once Again (4.52)
  6. Lizzie Loved a Highwayman (5.47)
  7. Valentine (4.01)
  8. And Jesus Wept (5.41)
  9. Singaway (5.00)
  10. Martha Went Down to the Well (4.34)
  11. The Priest (4.35)
  12. Birmingham Hotel (3.24)
  13. William Brewster Dreams of America (4.49)
  14. I'll Fly Away (1.59)

All tracks written by Reg Meuross

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