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The Countryside Collection

The Countryside Collection (Talking Elephant TECD136)

The Countryside Collection
Various Artists

Talking Elephant TECD136 (CD, UK, 9 February 2009)

One more of the cottage industry of repackaging Talking Elephant albums.
It was compiled by Ashley Hutchings.


See the individual albums. Principal performers are shown in the track list if they can be deducted from the original albums.


  1. Judy Dunlop: The Oak (3.34)
  2. Blue Eyed Stranger / Curly-Headed Ploughboy (4.36)
  3. Albion Christmas Band: God Bless the Master (3.00)
  4. Gloucester Hornpipe / Mr Trill’s Song (4.36)
  5. John Spiers, Jon Boden: Banbury Bill / Shepherd’s Hey (4.18)
  6. Rainbow Chasers: Brambles on the Hill (4.58)
  7. Albion Christmas Band: My Father Played the Melodeon (2.04)
  8. Judy Dunlop: Turn the Lathe Gently (3.22)
  9. Ken Nicol: The Old Cotswold Legbar (3.38)
  10. Rainbow Chasers: Stanley’s Wake (5.29)
  11. The Field and the Farm (2.58)
  12. Albion Christmas Band: The King (2.30)
  13. May Song (4.19)
  14. Albion Christmas Band: Gloucester Wassail (3.19)
  15. Rosebud in June (2.27)
  16. Show of Hands: 8th of July / Glory of the West (5.03)

Tracks 1, 8 are from Judy Dunlop, Ashley Hutchings: Sway With Me;
Tracks 2, 4 are from Grandson of Morris On;
Track 3 is from The Albion Christmas Band: Winter Songs;
Tracks 5, 11 are from Great Grandson of Morris On;
Track 6 is from Rainbow Chasers: Some Colours Fly;
Track 7, 12, 14 are from The Albion Christmas Band: An Albion Christmas;
Track 10 is from Rainbow Chasers: Fortune Never Sleeps;
Tracks 9, 16 are from The Mother of all Morris;
Track 13 is from Morris On the Road;
Track 15 is from The Cecil Sharp Centenary Collective: As I Cycled Out on a May Morning