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Grandson of Morris On

Ashley Hutchings et al: Grandson of Morris On (Talking Elephant TECD038)

Grandson of Morris On
Ashley Hutchings and others

Talking Elephant TECD038 (CD, UK, 8 April 2002)

Produced by Ashley Hutchings except;
Tracks 7 & 11 produced by Chris Leslie & David Whetstone;
Recorded at Foundry Recording Studio, Chesterfield (engineer: Paul Hopkinson),;
Blue Moon Studios, Bodicote (engineer: Mark Leigh-Davis),;
and Pier House Studios, Edinburgh (engineer: Peter Haigh) between August and December 2001


Chris Leslie: vocals;
Phil Beer: vocals, harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin;
Simon Care: melodeon;
Jon Moore: acoustic and electric guitar;
John Shepherd: piano, keyboards;
Martin Brinsford: voice, mouthorgan, tambourine, triangle, bones, shaker;
Ric Sanders: baritone fiddle, synthesiser;
Simon Nicol: acoustic and 12-string guitar;
Ashley Hutchings: acoustic and electric bass guitar;
Neil Marshall: drums, percussion;
Ken Nicol: acoustic and electric guitar;
Mark Rogers, Sharon Kilyon (of Stroud Morris Dancers): melodeons;
Dave Whetstone: melodeon, Anglo concertina;
Jim Walker: drums;
Stephen Wass (of Alderbury Morris Men): melodeon;
Judy Dunlop, Blair Dunlop, Mick Twelves: backing vocals;
Barry Goodman, Mark Rogers, Lawrence Wright (of The Outside Capering Crew): melodeons


  1. The Blue-Eyed Stranger / The Curly-Headed Ploughboy (4.34)
  2. Le Halle Place (2.37)
  3. The Life of a Fool (2.06)
  4. The Quaker’s Wife (rhyme) (0.25)
  5. Shepherd’s Hey / Orange in Bloom / The Quaker (5.05)
  6. Tom Long’s Post (2.43)
  7. Jupiter’s Return / Bold Eric / Tailor’s Buttons (4.52)
  8. Little Johnny England (2.20)
  9. Hi-ho-fiddle-dee-dee (rhyme) (0.22)
  10. Black Joke (Roud 9212) (2.37)
  11. Gloucester Hornpipe / Mr Trill’s Song (4.33)
  12. Sweet Jenny Jones (3.51)
  13. Horatio (1.40)
  14. Garland Gay (2.27)
  15. Saturday Night / Bobbing Joe / Beaux Badby (3.01)
  16. He Sits There (0.41)
  17. Glorishears (2.53)
  18. The Snake (2.40)
  19. This Is the Morris My Friend (1.59)
  20. Four Up (1.59)
  21. Four Up - Reprise (1.24)

Track 1 trad. with words by Ashley Hutchings;
Track 2 Chris Leslie;
Tracks 3, 19 Ashley Hutchings / Simon Care;
Tracks 4, 9 trad.;
Track 5 Bampton / Sherborn / Bampton - trad. arr. Simon Care;
Track 6 Dance to trad. tune Three Jolly Sheepskins arr. Stroud Morris Dancers;
Tracks 7, 13 Dave Whetstone;
Tracks 8, 15 trad. arr. Simon Care;
Track 10 trad. arr. Chris Leslie, Ric Sanders;
Track 11a trad. arr. Phil Beer, John Moore;
Track 11b Ashley Hutchings / Bob Pegg;
Track 12 trad. arr. Alderbury Morris Men;
Track 14 trad. arr. Phil Beer;
Track 16 Maida Stanier;
Track 17 trad. arr. John Shepherd, Chris Leslie;
Track 18 Dance to trad. tune Gypsy Hornpipe arr. Stroud Morris Dancers;
Track 20 Barry Goodman arr. The Outside Capering Crew;
Track 21 Barry Goodman