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“ ‘We could do the Stick and Bucket Dance,’ volunteered Baker the weaver.”
Terry Pratchett: Lords and Ladies

Morris On the Road

Ashley Hutchings et al: Morris On the Road (Talking Elephant TECD083)

Morris On the Road
Ashley Hutchings et al

Talking Elephant TECD083 (CD, UK, 18 July 2005)

Live recordings from the Morris On Show, recorded in concert, club, and festival performances (including Cropredy 2004) and at soundchecks, in 2004 and 2005;
Recording engineer: Paul Smith;
Album mixed by Ashley Hutchings and Paul Hopkinson at Foundry Recording Studio, Chesterfield, Derbyshire in April and May 2005


Simon Care: melodeon, concertina;
Guy Fletcher: vocals, drum, fiddle;
Ashley Hutchings: vocals, electric bass guitar, tambourine;
Ken Nicol: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars;
Roger Wilson: vocals, fiddle

Lawrence Wright: melodeon;
Mark Rogers: melodeon;
Morris Offspring and The Outside Capering Crew dance on some tracks


  1. Shepherd’s Hey / Orange in Bloom / The Quaker (5.22)
  2. Princess Royal (3.28)
  3. I’ll Go and ’List for a Sailor (2.27)
  4. Willow Tree (Roud 21006) / Bean Setting / Shooting (3.47)
  5. Gloucester Hornpipe / Mr Trill’s Song (6.10)
  6. Saturday Night / Bobbing Joan / Beaux Badby (3.06)
  7. Nutting Girl (song and tune) (4.42)
  8. May Song (4.22)
  9. Roasted Woman / Under the Old Myrtle Tree / Morning Star / Billy Boy / Banks of the Dee (5.40)
  10. Highland Mary (3.26)
  11. Sweet Jenny Jones (2.53)
  12. Cuckoo’s Nest (4.43)
  13. Pink Pots Dance (2.23)
  14. Four Up (4.47)
  15. Shepherd’s Hey / Orange in Bloom / The Quaker (reprise) (6.12)