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Su-a Lee: Dialogues

Su-a Lee: Dialogues (Sky Child SCR001CD)

Su-a Lee

Sky Child Record SCR001CD (CD, UK, 2 December 2022)

Produced by Andrea Gobbi and Su-a Lee;
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrea Gobbi at GloWorm Recording, Glasgow, except
Track 2 additional recording by Rimmert van Lummel;
Album concept by Hamish Napier;
Photography and design by Elly Lucas


Su-a Lee: cello;
Donald Shaw: piano, harmonium [1];
Carel Kraayenhof: bandonium [2];
Natalie Haas: cello [3];
Karine Polwart: vocals, tenor guitar [4];
James Ross: piano [5];
Phil Cunningham: accordion [6];
Hamish Napier: flute, piano [7];
Duncan Chisholm: fiddle [8];
Patsy Reid: fiddle [9];
Julie Fowlis: vocals [10];
Pekka Kuusisto: fiddle [11];
Maeve Gilchrist: harp [12];
Jenna Reid: fiddle [13];
Donald Grant: fiddle [14];
Full cast: backing vocals [14]


Act 1 - The Setup, The Ootset, An Stèidheachadh

  1. Baroque Suite: Baroque March Mull march / Cathedral of Trees gavotte / Malpica reel / Ocean Poem slow air (8.05)
  2. Oblivion milonga (4.24)
  3. Waltzska for Su-a waltz/polka (5.16)

Act 2 - The Development, The Oncome, An Leasachadh

  1. Mill o’ Tifty’s Annie (Roud 98; Child 233; G/D 5:1018) (8.33)
  2. Stroma jig (4.45)
  3. The Wedding slow air (3.36)
  4. Paths: The Speyside Way strathspey / The Deer Path reel (3.38)
  5. Prince Charlie’s Last View of Scotland (An Sealladh ma dheireadh thug Tearlach) slow air (4.15)
  6. Dance Tunes of Athole: Craig of Barns / Miss Drummond of Perth strathspeys / Mary Gray / The Highlandman Kissed His Mother reels (4.13)
  7. Mo Rùn Geal Òg (My Fair Young Love) (5.30)

Act 3 – The Resolution, The Greeance, An Rèiteachadh

  1. Lundgren Finnish waltz (4.07)
  2. O’Carolan: Loftus Jones Irish planxty (3.59)
  3. Mareel Shetland tune (3.31)
  4. The Witch of Leanachan slow air (6.55)
  5. Ae Fond Kiss (Roud 38389) (2.19)

Tracks 1a-d Donald Shaw;
Track 2 Astor Piazomma arr. Carel Kraayenhof;
Track 3 Natalie Haas, arr. Natalie Haas, Su-a Lee;
Track 4 trad. arr. Karine Polwart, Su-a Lee;
Track 5 James Ross. arr. Su-a Lee, James Ross;
Track 6 Phil Cunningham. arr. Su-a Lee, Phil Cunningham;
Tracks 7ab Hamish Napier. arr. Su-a Lee, Hamish Napier;
Track 8 trad. arr. Su-a Lee;
Tracks 9a-d trad. arr. Patsy Reid, Su-a Lee;
Track 10 Christine Fergusson, trad. arr. Julie Fowlis, Su-a Lee, Robert McFall;
Track 11 trad. arr. Pekka Kuusisto, Su-a Lee, Robert McFall;
Track 12 Turlough O’Carolan, trad. arr. Maeve Gilchrist, Su-a Lee;
Track 13 Tom Anderson arr. Jenna Reid, Su-a Lee;
Track 14 Donald Grant arr. Donald Grant, Andrea Gobbi, Su-a Lee;
Track 15 Robert Burns, trad. arr. Kevin McCrae

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