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Adam Holmes: Heirs and Graces

Adam Holmes: Heirs and Graces (Gogar GR1AH)

Heirs and Graces
Adam Holmes

Gogar Records GR1AH (CD, UK, 2013)

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Produced by John Wood;
Recorded and mixed by John Wood at Gorbals Sound;
Additional engineering by Christopher Brown and Kevin Burleigh;
Mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering;
Artwork by Alice Cathcart;
Graphic design by Tommy Slack

Folk Radio review by Neil McFadyen


Adam Holmes: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, accordion;
Alex Hunter: bass;
Steven Blake: piano, Wurlitzer;
Calum McIntyre: drums, percussion, vibraphone;
Ciarán Ryan: fiddle;
Stu Goodall: electric guitar, vocals;
Hannah Beaton: vocals;
Kris Drever, vocals, acoustic guitar, Indian harmonium;
Alan Train: pedal steel guitar;
Simon Walker: drums [9]


  1. Monday Morning (3.50)
  2. Where the River Meets the Hill (2.31)
  3. Oh My God (3.45)
  4. I Can’t Be Right (5.11)
  5. Aviemore (3.38)
  6. Shadows (3.47)
  7. Common Ground (4.48)
  8. Five in the Sun (5.19)
  9. Alone We Stand (3.40)
  10. Mother Oak (2.57)

All songs written by Adam Holmes

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Arcade: Face the Fall

Arcade: Face the Fall (Drala DRAR001LP)

Face the Fall

Drala Records DRAR001LP (LP/CD, UK, 4 October 2019)

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Recorded and mixed by Cameron Malcolm;
Mastered by Jamie Savage at Chem19


Adam Holmes: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Wurlitzer, piano, synthesiser, drum programming;
Heidi Talbot: vocals, ukulele;
Euan Burton: double bass, electric bass;
Cameron Malcolm: drum programming;
Louis Abbott: drums, acoustic guitar, vocals;
Jennifer Austin: piano [3];
Thomas Gibbs: piano, Fender Rhodes;
Phil Cunningham: spoken word [10]


Side 1

  1. Face the Fall (4.21)
  2. Keep a Hold On Me (4.51)
  3. Comfort in the Night (4.07)
  4. Higher (4.05)
  5. Reverie (3.04)

Side 2

  1. Can’t Feel the Love (4.44)
  2. Travel On (3.34)
  3. I’m Already Gone (3.53)
  4. Mountain (3.49)
  5. All We Ever Are (5.06)

All tracks written by Adam Holmes and Heidi Talbot except
Track 3 Rachel Sermanni

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Adam Holmes: Dreamweaver

Adam Holmes: Dreamweaver (Adam Holmes BTS01)

Adam Holmes

Adam Holmes BTS01 (CD, UK, 21 May 2021)

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Produced and recorded by Mattie Foulds at Castlesound, Pencaitland;
Additional engineering by Stuart Hamilton;
Mixed and mastered by Mattie Foulds at Caribou Recording;
Artwork and design by Matt Martin, Meta Studio


Adam Holmes: guitar, vocals;
Mattie Foulds: drums, vocals;
Kevin McGuire: double bass, electric bass;
Neil MacColl: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, marxophone;
Phil Alexander: piano, Rhodes electric piano, organ, accordion;
Su-a Lee: cello, vocals;
Little Acres (Rachel Lightbody, Carrie Crosbie, Emilie Boyd): backing vocals


  1. Hanging on the Line (4.07)
  2. If You Ever Needed Me (3.41)
  3. Nature (2.54)
  4. Higher Love (2.59)
  5. I Saw the Devil in the Morning (3.05)
  6. May Morning Dew (4.51)
  7. Dreamweaver (4.12)
  8. I Need Your Love Tonight (3.59)
  9. Hall of Mirrors (4.07)
  10. I Won’t Get to Sleep Tonight (3.34)
  11. Pass It On (4.07)

All songs written by Adam Holmes and Boo Hewerdine

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Adam Holmes: Hope Park

Adam Holmes: Hope Park (Adam Holmes)

Hope Park
Adam Holmes

Adam Holmes (CD, UK, 21 April 2023)

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Produced by Iain Hutchison and Adam Holmes;
Recorded by Iain Hutchison live at GloWorm Recording, Studio 1 between 8-15 May 2021;
Additional harmonica recording by Ross Saunders;
Mastered by Peter Beckmann;
Photography by Mairi Wilson;
Design by Kate George


Adam Holmes: vocals, guitars, Hammond organ, percussion, banjo, electric piano, piano;
Iain Hutchison: electric bass, vocals;
Fraser Speirs: harmonica;
Mike Vass: guitar, tenor guitar;
Seonaid Aitken: fiddle, vocals;
Beth Malcolm: vocals;
Jack Badcock: guitar, vocals;
Phil Wilkinson: drums, percussion


  1. Counting on You (2.43)
  2. The Healing (3.59)
  3. Mother’s Arms (3.28)
  4. Mysterious Ways (4.53)
  5. A Love Like This (Interlude) (0.30)
  6. She Belongs to Me (2.46)
  7. Run Away (3.38)
  8. Follow Her Anywhere (3.14)
  9. Hard Times (3.48)
  10. Boulder / Feather (Interlude) (1.30)
  11. Edinburgh (4.36)

All songs written by Adam Holmes in a quiet basement next to the snowy meadows (once known as Hope Park) between January and April 2021

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Adam Holmes: The Voice of Scotland

Adam Holmes: The Voice of Scotland (Adam Holmes)

The Voice of Scotland
Adam Holmes

Adam Holmes (CD, UK, 28 January 2024)

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Produced and recorded by Adam Holmes;
Mixed by Cameron Malcolm;
Audio Editor: Cammy Phair;
Photography by Mairi Wilson


Adam Holmes: guitars, banjo, bazouki, piano, vocals;
Michael McGovern: guitars, vocals;
Lyle Watt: guitars;
Duncan Lyall: double bass;
Ciaran Ryan: fiddle, mandolin;
James Mackintosh: drums;
Fraser Spiers: harmonica;
Marta Stryjecka: backing vocals;
James Stewart: backing vocals, banjo;
Jennifer Austin: piano;
Adam Bulley: mandolin;
Connor Smith: dobro


  1. Go Lassie Go (Roud 541; G/D 4:862) (2.40)
  2. MacPherson’s Rant (Roud 2160; G/D 3:697) (4.04)
  3. Jock o’ Hazeldean (Roud 250; Child 293; G/D 5:1029) (3.50)
  4. Peggy Gordon (Roud 2280) (5.31)
  5. Night Visiting Song (Roud 22568; G/D 4:783) (3.41)
  6. Jock Stewart (Roud 975) (2.28)
  7. Irene (Roud 11681) (4.27)
  8. You Are My Sunshine (Roud 18130) (3.56)
  9. Lowlands Away (Roud 681; Henry H469) (4.19)
  10. Annie Laurie (Roud 8179) (2.49)
  11. Black Is the Colour (Roud 3103) (3.50)
  12. Auld Lang Syne (Roud 13892) (3.38)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1 Robert Tannahill;
Track 7 Huddie Ledbetter;
Track 8 Jimmie Davies;
Track 10 William Douglas, Lady John Scott

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