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These Are the Hands

Alexander McCall Smith & James Ross: These Are the Hands (Greentrax CDTRAX404)

These Are the Hands
Alexander McCall Smith (poems) & James Ross (music)

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX404 (2 CD, UK, 3 May 2019)

Produced by Calum Malcolm;
All photographs from the Johnston Collection


James Ross: piano;
Michelle Burke, Kathleen MacInnes: vocals;
Alexander McCall Smith: narration;
Len Forde: guitar;
Liam Bradley: percussion;
Patsy Reid: fiddle, viola;
Ryan Young: fiddle [6];
Su-a Lee: cello;
Euan Burton: double bass;
John Kenny: trombone;
Ryan Quzegley: trumpet;
Mike Owers: brass [9]


  1. The Waves Bear the Saints (3.46)
  2. On Clouds Over Mull (3.07)
  3. The Great Michael (3.09)
  4. Forth Bridges (3.50)
  5. The Vikings Sing Their Tribute (3.29)
  6. Built on the Clyde (2.57)
  7. You Are Far Away (4.00)
  8. Miner (3.10)
  9. Miner’s Hymn (3.53)
  10. Cutty Sark (2.17)
  11. Corvette Returning (5.13)
  12. Silver Darlings (2.48)

All poems written by Alexander McCall Smith;
Amm music composed by James Ross

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