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Michael McGoldrick: Fused

Michael McGoldrick: Fused (Vertical VERTCD051)

Michael McGoldrick

Vertical Records VERTCD051 (CD, UK, 22 August 2000)

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Produced by Donald Shaw;
Recorded by Grant Milne and Donald Shaw at Secret Music, Glasgow;
Mastered by Paul McGeechan at Paw Paw Productions;


Michael McGoldrick: wooden flutes (D, B), uillean pipes, low whistles (F, D, A), bamboo flute, bodhrán [2], electric guitar [5];
Donald Shaw: keyboards and programming;
James Mackintosh: drums and percussion [1-3, 5-6, 9, 11];
Che Beresford: drums [4, 8, 11];
Ewen Vernal: double bass and electric bass [1-2, 4-6, 8-12];
Ed Boyd: guitar;
John Jo Kelly: bodhrán;
Neil Yates: trumpets;
Howard McGill: saxophones;
Manus Lunny: bouzouki, guitar;
Dezi Donnelly: fiddle;
Alan Kelly: accordion;
Karen Matheson: lead vocal [9];
Karan Casey: lead vocal [13];
John Saich: electric bass [3, 10, 11];
Andy Jones: electric guitar [8];
James Grant: electric guitar [3];
Johnny Kalsi: tablas;
Talvin Singh: tabla sample [10]


  1. Watermans (4.23)
  2. James Brown’s March / Noon Lassies (4.19)
  3. The Otters’ Set: The Ashplant / Hanley’s Reel / The Otters’ Holt (4.39)
  4. Goodbye Grant: The Fisherman in the Wardrobe / Goodbye Grant (3.48)
  5. Lucy’s Reels: Sully’s No. 37 / Lucy’s Reel (4.15)
  6. Lough Mountain: Lough Mountain {Fisher Street) / Paddy Finlay’s / Dan Breen’s Reel (4.23)
  7. Teehan’s: Terry Teehan’s / Her Long Black Hair (4.41)
  8. Windbroke / The Log (4.43)
  9. Buain A’ Choirce (Reaping the Oats) (3.49)
  10. Ridee / Paperbird (5.45)
  11. Reid’s Reels: Sean Reid’s / An Bhean Tinceare (The Tinkerman’s Wife) The Bunny’s Hat (5.25)
  12. Hip Agus Hop / Thre Roaring Bar Maid (4.22)
  13. Donal Óg (Roud 3379) (6.28)

Tracks 1, 2a, 5b, 8ab Michael McGoldrick;
Track 2b trad. arr. Michael McGoldrick, Donald Shaw, Ed Boyd;
Tracks 3abc trad. arr. Michael McGoldrick, Donald Shaw, James Mackintosh, Manus Lunny, Neil Yates;
Tracks 4ab Michael McGoldrick, Donald Shaw;
Tracks 5a, 12b Tony Sullivan;
Tracks 6abc trad. arr. Michael McGoldrick, Ed Boyd, Donald Shaw, Neil Yates;
Track 7a trad. arr. Michael McGoldrick, Ed Boyd;
Track 7b Jnr. Crehan;
Track 9 trad. arr. Karen Mathenson, Donald Shaw, Michael McGoldrick;
Track 10a trad. arr. Michael McGoldrick, Donald Shaw, Manus Lunny, Dezi Donnelly;
Track 10b Diarmaid Moynihan;
Tracks 11ab trad. arr. Michael McGoldrick, Donald Shaw, James Mackintosh, Manus Lunny;
Track 11c David Lim;
Track 12a Donald Shaw;
Track 13 trad. arr. Karan Casey, Michael McGoldrick, Donald Shaw

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Michael McGoldrick: ARC

Michael McGoldrick: ARC (Vertical VERTCD111)

Michael McGoldrick

Vertical Records VERTCD111 (CD, UK, 6 April 2018)

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Produced by Donald Shaw and Michael McGoldrick;
Recorded by Kevin Burleigh at Gorbals Sound Studios, Glasgow;
Mixed by Kevin Burleigh and Donald Shaw at Gorbals Sound;
Mastered by Iain Hutchison;
Design and photography by James Morrison;
Artist photograph by 87Lieve Boussauw


Michael McGoldrick: flutes, uillean pipes, low whistle; bouzouki [4], bodhrán [4];
Donald Shaw: piano, Rhodes, string arrangements;
Ewen Vernal: bass;
Alyn Cosker: drums;
Tony Byrne: acoustic guitar;
Neil Yates: trumpet and brass arrangements;
Sorren MacLean: electric guitar;
James Mackintosh: drums [4, 10];
Ed Boyd: guitar [9, 12];
Manus Lunny: bouzouki [4, 11];
Innes White: guitar [3];
Signy Jakobsdottir: marimba and percussion [2-4, 8];
Tom Callister: fiddle [3, 8];
Emma Sweeney: fiddle [9, 12];
John Joe Kelly: bodhrán [4, 7];
Tony O’Connell: concertina [7];
Fatou Diawara: vocals [10];
Gerry O’Conner: banjo [10]

String section:
Greg Lawson, Fiona Stephen, Kobus Frick: violins;
Scott Dickinson: viola;
Kate Ellis: cello


  1. Five and Drive / View From the Reek (3.41)
  2. Wassalou River / Tambin Jig (4.12)
  3. Trip to Nova Scotia / The Big Fiddle / Baddeck Bay (4.50)
  4. Miss Catherine McGoldrick’s Jig / Miss Mairead Hussey’s Jig / Miss Ciara McGoldrick’s Jih (4.09)
  5. The Soaring Eagle / Plecky the Turtle (4.01)
  6. Angel Meadow (3.55)
  7. Black Swan on the Turlough / The High Jig (5.36)
  8. Simon & Candy’s 50th Wedding Anniversary / Coleman Cross (4.14)
  9. John Kelly’s Concertina / In Memory of Chris Langan / Martin Wynnes no. 4 (4.45)
  10. Bakanoba (4.19)
  11. The Ogham Stone / Towey the Thatcher / The Big Fort (4.29)
  12. Bill Malley’s Barndance (3.51)

All tunes composed by Michael McGoldrick (published Vertical Music), except Track 5b Michael McGoldrick, Tony Byrne;
Tracks 7b, 8b, 9a, 12 trad. arr. Michael McGoldrick;
Track 9c Martin Wynne;
Track 9b Paul Cranford

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