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Luke Daniels: Making Waves

Luke Daniels: Making Waves (Wren WRCD017)

Making Waves
Luke Daniels

Wren Records WRCD017 (CD, UK, 2017)

Produced by Luke Daniels;
Mixed by Paul Savage at Chem 19 Studios Glasgow;
Polyphon on track 19 programmed by Seabstian Lexer;
All tracks mastered by Nick Cook;
Sleeve design by Gael Design

KLOF Magazine review by Neil McFadyen


Luke Daniels: B C diatonic button accordion;
Aidan O’Rourke: fiddle [1-2, 4-6, 8-10];
Michael McGoldrick: flute and whistles [1-2, 4, 6-8];
John Doyle: guitars and bouzouki [1-2, 4, 6-8];
Innes White: guitars and mandolin [5, 10]


  1. The Jolly Tinker (3.34)
  2. The Larks (3.57)
  3. McCrones Jigs (3.19)
  4. Banjo Breakdown (3.47)
  5. Retro Reel (2.59)
  6. Vinyl Vinnie (4.13)
  7. Jigs & Fixtures (3.27)
  8. Bullying Well (4.08)
  9. Aberdeen Blues (3.22)
  10. Wester Kittochside (3.11)
  11. The Wounded Huzzar (4.56)
  12. Cumberland Reel (2.43)

All tracks composed and arranged by Luke Daniels;
Archive material and field recordings Alan Lomax, BBC and RTE;
All other samples open source

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> Folk Music > Records > Luke Daniels

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