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KAN: Sleeper

KAN: Sleeper (KAN KANCD01)


KAN KANCD01 (CD, UK, 30 April 2012)

Produced and arranged by KAN;
Recorded by Iain Hutchison and Julien Batten at Castlesound Studios, Scotland;
Mixed by Calum Malcolm and KAN;
Band photos by Karen McBride;
Design and cover photos by IWANT Design


Audan O’Rourke: fiddles, loops;
Brian Finnegan: flutes, whistles;
Ian Stephenson: guitar, basses, mandolin, piano, harmonium;
Jim Goodwin: drums, percussion, wavedrum, synthesiser


  1. Lori / One Two Three (7.19)
  2. Emotional Storm / Mangatakk / Take 6 (5.39)
  3. Marcos Llope / The Oblique Jig / Hayden’s Rock (5.35)
  4. You Can Call Me Big Al / Noble? (6.03)
  5. eVa (4.58)
  6. The Slide from Grace / The Queen of Rangoon (4.42)
  7. Modul 1 / Coyoacan (7.31)
  8. Coriolis / Hold Up the Sky (5.50)

Tracks 1a, 4b, 8a Aidan O’Rourke;
Track 1b Jim Goodwin, Ian Stephenson;
Track 2a Avishai Cohen;
Track 2b Jim Goodwin;
Track 2c Nicolas Quemener;
Tracks 3ac, 5, 6b, 7b, 8b Brian Finnegan;
Track 3b Niall Vallely;
Tracks 4a, 7a Ian Stephenson;
Track 6a John McSherry