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Belshazzar's Feast: Find the Lady

Belshazzar's Feast: Find the Lady (Unearthed TPLP1080CD)

Find the Lady
Belshazzar's Feast

Unearthed / One Little Indian TPLP1080CD (CD, UK, 27 September 2010)

Produced and mixed by Jim Moray;
Additional recording by Pete Flood;
Mastered by Cass Irvine at Wired Mastering;
Design by Alex Merry;
Sleeve layout and additional design by 16K Design Works


Paul Sartin, vocals, violin, oboe;
Paul Hutchinson, accordion;
Pete Flood, percussion;
Jackie Oates, octave violin, viola, vocals;
Jim Moray, guitar


  1. Wild Rover (Roud 1173; G/D 7:1480) (3.26)
  2. Widows Shall All Have Husbands / Hey Boys Up go We (3.28)
  3. Thresherman (5.33)
  4. Queen of Hearts / Well Done Jack (3.42)
  5. Primus Hornpipe (3.28)
  6. Lull Me Beyond Thee (4.32)
  7. Turtle Dove (Roud 422) (5.01)
  8. Bloomsbury Market / Bloomsbury Hypermarket (5.17)
  9. Circle of Biscuits (3.54)
  10. Queen of the May (Roud 594) (5.43)
  11. Royal Flush / Elephant Stairs (6.06)
  12. Home Lad, Home (8.31)

All tracks trad. arr. Paul Sartin, Paul Hutchinson except
Track 7 trad. arr. Paul Sartin;
Tracks 9, 11a Paul Hutchinson;
Track 10 Ian Palmer arr. Paul Sartin, Paul Hutchinson;
Track 12 words Cicely Fox Smith, music Sarah Morgan arr. Paul Sartin, Paul Hutchinson