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Bellowhead: Umbrellowhead

Bellowhead et al: Umbrellowhead (Megafone MEGAFONE112)


Megafone Records MEGAFONE112 (CD, UK, 4 December 2009)

A compilation of music made by members of Bellowhead


  1. Bellowhead: Unclothed Nocturnal Manuscript Crisis (3.46)
    Matachin out-take
  2. Chavo: Ganka’s Song (Gankino) (5.10)
  3. Rachael McShane: The Fisherman (4.26)
    from No Man’s Fool
  4. Pete Flood: Master Kilby (4.30)
  5. Belshazzar’s Feast: Rondo a la Turkey: Rondo alla Turka / Turkey in the Straw / Yakety Sax (4.19)
    from The Food of Love
  6. Benji Kirkpatrick: Wallbreaker (4.35)
    from Boomerang
  7. Jon Boden: Beating the Bounds (4.31)
    from Songs From the Flood Plain
  8. Setsubun Bean Unit: Gujo Ondo (4.36)
    from Setsubun Bean Unit
  9. Justin Thurgur: The Beginning (8.05)
  10. Faustus: The New Deserter (5.58)
    from Faustus
  11. Hannah James, Sam Sweeney: Gaol Song (4.09)
    from Catches & Glees
  12. Spiers & Boden: Tom Padget (5.31)
    from Vagabond
  13. Farmyard Animals Trio: Marunouchi (4.24)
    from Things Left Behind
  14. The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin: Psalm 143 (3.09)
    from Live at Christ Church

Track 1 Benji Kirkpatrick arr. Benji Kirkpatrick, Andy Mellon;
Track 2 trad. arr. Greswell, Andy Mellon, Jimmy O’Brien, Ramage;
Track 3 trad. arr. Rachael McShane, James Peacock, Jonathan Proud, Adam Sinclair;
Tracks 4, 8 trad. arr. Pete Flood;
Track 5a Mozart arr. Paul Sartin, Paul Hutchinson;
Track 5b trad. arr. Paul Sartin, Paul Hutchinson;
Track 5c Boots Randolph, James “Q.” Spider Rich arr. Paul Sartin, Paul Hutchinson;
Track 6 Benji Kirkpatrick;
Track 7 Jon Boden;
Track 9 Justin Thurgur, Max De Wardener, Kishon Khan;
Track 10 trad. arr. Benji Kirkpatrick, Paul Sartin, Saul Rose;
Track 11 trad. arr. Hannah James, Sam Sweeney;
Tracks 12 trad. arr. John Spiers, Jon Boden;
Tracks 13 Kelly;
Track 14 Paul Sartin