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All Our Days

[Sandy Denny]

This song is unique in Sandy's repertoire; she sings for over eight minutes poetic lyrics against an orchestral background - like a mini-opera. As well as the officially released version on Rendezvous and on the 2CD anthology No More Sad Refrains, there exist two different versions on the cassette The Attic Tracks Vol. 1. On one, Sandy and Trevor sing in a 30-piece choir a “High Church” arrangement of the song. This was intended to be a final track reprise on Rendezvous, but Island rejected this version. The other version is a fully orchestrated version arranged and conducted by Harry Robertson, but without vocals. It stands up as a piece of music in its own right, and shows some of Sandy's classical influences as the music was written to reflect the four seasons of like in All Our Days.

Sandy recorded a demo of this song at home in Byfield between 1974 and 1976; she accompanied herself on piano. This track was included in the bonus CD of the Fledg'ling Sandy Denny anthology A Boxful of Treasures.


Sorry, I can't show the lyrics here as I don't have the copyright owners' permission to publish them. But please feel free and ask me to send you the song's lyrics.