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The Sandy Denny Mailing List
Levent Varlik from Turkey, who is a long-time and very dedicated Sandy Denny, and Fairport fan, runs a Mailing List for all matters concerning Sandy Denny. This list is open to all Sandy and related discussions, for requesting tabs and chords, for exchanging ideas and material, and so on. Many people have joined already and the list is growing.
-- To join, please send a message to SandyDennyList-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
Sandy Denny Mailing List FAQ
by Levent Varlik, the host of the Sandy Denny mailing list. Very informative - you'll probably find everything you ever wanted to know about Sandy.
Sandy Denny Official
The Official Sandy Denny Webite
Sandy Denny
Andrew Batt's Sandy Denny Site
Sandy Denny: Celebrating the Pre-Eminent Singer of the British Folk-Rock Movement
Philip M. Ward's Sandy Denny blog. Highly recommended.
Remembering Sandy Denny
Jonathan Hall's tribute page with contributions of several Sandy lovers.
A Japanese Sandy Denny page
Japanese tribute page by 飯田洋三 (Iida Yozo).
Sandy Denny: A Complete (?) Discography
Compiled by David Suff, this is a chronological discography which lists the original release of recordings with UK catalogue numbers.
Sandy Denny / Fotheringay
From The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music

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