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Áine Furey: Sweetest Summer Rain

Áine Furey: Sweetest Summer Rain (Celtic Collections KCD600)

Sweetest Summer Rain
Áine Furey

Celtic Collections KCD600 (CD, Ireland, 1999)

Produced by Martin Furey;
Mixed by Gary Low at Husk Studios, Malvern;
Mastered by Paul White at Malverh Hills Studios;
Photography by James Mountford and Edmund Ross;
Design by David Gibbons at Zeus Design, Dublin


Áine Furey: lead vocals;
Martin Furey: harmony vox, uilleann pipes, whistles, acoustic guitar;
Roy Marchbank: acoustic, electric, Spanish, 12-string and Wyley guitars;
Jimmy Jones: mirimba;
Eezer: bass guitar;
Carlene Anglim: fiddle;
Gil Hunter: keyboards, accordion;
Garry Low: bodhrán, percussion, drums;
Angie Cranmore: viol, treble viol


  1. Sleep and Dream (3.29)
  2. Silky (Roud 197; Child 113) (4.45)
  3. Sweetest Summer Rain (3.26)
  4. Winter Winds (1.01)
  5. All Our Days (3.24)
  6. Life is Just That Way (3.26)
  7. Living by the Water (4.08)
  8. Where Am I (4.16)
  9. Marble Halls (3.37)
  10. My Love Won’t Bring Me Roses (6.22)
  11. Whirlwind (3.38)
  12. Reynardine (Roud 397; Laws P15; G/D 2:333) (4.20)

Tracks 1, 8 Áine Furey;
Tracks 2, 12 trad. arr Martin & Áine Furey;
Tracks 3, 10-11 Martin Furey;
Tracks 4-5 Sandy Denny;
Track 6 Finbar Furey;
Track 7 Anne Briggs;
Track 8 Balfe, Bunn arr. Martin & Áine Furey