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Winter Winds

[Sandy Denny]

This wispy acoustic ballad sung by Sandy Denny appears on both Fotheringay and the Who Knows Where the Time Goes? box set, where for some reason it is noted as having been recorded in the autumn of 1970; it was actually recorded in spring 1970.

It was released on the B side of the Peace in the End single too.

Cover Versions

  1. Carin Kjellman's Swedish translation Vintervindar on her solo LP Carin Kjellman (1985)
  2. Áine Furey on her album Sweetest Summer Rain (1999)
  3. Iain Matthews with No Grey Faith on their album Secrets All Told (2000)
  4. Marsden Blant & Squire on their album Trio (2003)
  5. Linde Nijland on her album Linde Nijland sings Sandy Denny (2003)
  6. Chris & Siobhan Nelson on their album Tomorrow's Sun (2004)
  7. The Julie July Band on their CD Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (July 2018)


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