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Harvey Andrews Chronological Discography


Harvey Andrews, Chris Rohmann: Broadside EP no 1 (Side 1) Harvey Andrews, Chris Rohmann, Broadside EP no 1, EP, private pressing

Second Wave (Transatlantic TRA 126) Various Artists, Second Wave, LP, Transatlantic TRA 126


Harvey Andrews: Harvey Andrews (Transatlantic TRA EP 133) Harvey Andrews, Harvey Andrews, EP, Transatlantic TRA EP 133

Harvey Andrews: Good Old Brummagem (Transatlantic BCFC1) Harvey Andrews, Good Old Brummagem / Home and Away, single, Transatlantic, BCFC1
Produced by Transatlantic for the Birmingham City Football Club


Harvey Andrews: Places and Faces (Decca Nova SDN 9) Harvey Andrews, Places and Faces, LP, Decca Nova SDN9


Harvey Andrews: Writer of Songs (Cube Records 2326 011) Harvey Andrews: Writer of Songs (Intercord 25104-1) Harvey Andrews: Writer of Songs (Beeswing LBEE CD 002) Harvey Andrews: Writer of Songs (HASKA CD 003) Harvey Andrews, Writer of Songs, LP, Cube HIFLY 10

Harvey Andrews: Hey! Sandy (Cube/Polydor 2016 057) Harvey Andrews, Hey! Sandy / Friends of Mine, single, Cube/Polydor 2016 065

Harvey Andrews, In the Darkness / Soldier, single, Cube BUG 20

Learning the Game (Cube 2016 045, Germany) Learning the Game (Cube 2016 045, France) Harvey Andrews, Learning the Game / Don’t Know the Time, single, Cube BUG 26


Harvey Andrews: Friends of Mine (Cube 2326 027) Friends of Mine (Beeswing LBEE 003) Harvey Andrews, Friends of Mine, LP, Cube HIFLY 15

Harvey Andrews: Friends of Mine (Cube 2016 057) Harvey Andrews, Friends of Mine / Down So Long It Looks Like Up, single, Cube/Polydor 2016 057


Fantasies from a Corner Seat (Transatlantic TRA 298) Harvey Andrews, Graham Cooper, Fantasies from a Corner Seat, LP, Transatlantic TRA 298

Harvey Andrews: (I’m Resigning) From Today (Transatlantic Big 525) Harvey Andrews, Graham Cooper, (I’m Resigning) From Today / Darby and Joan, single, Transatlantic Big 525

The Camera and the Song (Super Beep BELP006) Various Artists, The Camera and the Song, LP, Super Beeb BELP006, 1975

Irish Rebellion Album (Folkways FW05415) Various Artists, Irish Rebellion Album, LP, Folkways FH 5415


Harvey Andrews: Someday (Transatlantic TRA 329) Harvey Andrews, Someday, LP, Transatlantic TRA 329

Harvey Andrews: Man With a Gun (Transatlantic Big 538) Harvey Andrews, Man With a Gun / Mr Homburg Hat, single, Transatlantic Big 538

Harvey Andrews, Why (When Somebody Picks a Fight) / The Gang of ’64, single, Transatlantic Big 556

Brum Folk 76 Souvenir Album (BRUM 1976) Various Artists, Brum Folk 76 Souvenir Album, LP, BRUM 1976


Harvey Andrews: Margarita (Beeswing LBEE 001) Harvey Andrews, Margarita, LP, Beeswing LBEE 001

Harvey Andrews: Brand New Day (Polydor 2385 595) Harvey Andrews, Brand New Day: Harvey Andrews in Concert, LP, Polydor 2383 595

Harvey Andrews: Margarita / Long Ago, Far Away (Polydor POSP 178) Harvey Andrews, Margarita / Long Ago, Far Away, single, Polydor POSP 178


Harvey Andrews: Me Mom / We Were There (Dingle’s SID235) Harvey Andrews, Me Mom / We Were There, single, Dingle’s SID235, 1983


Harvey Andrews: Old Mother Earth (Beeswing LBEE 004) Harvey Andrews, Old Mother Earth, LP, Beeswing LBEE 004


Harvey Andrews: Golden Pennies (Towerbell TVP 6) Harvey Andrews, Golden Pennies, single, Towerbell TVP 6


Harvey Andrews: P.G. (Beeswing LBEE 005) Harvey Andrews, P.G., LP, Beeswing LBEE 005


Harvey Andrews: Songs That Harry Wrote Harvey Andrews, Songs That Harry Wrote, LP, Hypertension HY 200101 (German issue of P.G.)


Harvey Andrews: 25 Years on the Road (Hypertension HYCD 200 105) Harvey Andrews, 25 Years on the Road, CD, Hypertension HYCD 200 105 / HYP 9105


Harvey Andrews: Spring Again (HYCD 200 140) Harvey Andrews: Spring Again (HYP 4140) Harvey Andrews, Spring Again, CD, Hypertension HYCD 200 140

Harvey Andrews: Someday Fantasy (Beeswing LBEE CD 006) Harvey Andrews, Someday Fantasy, CD, Beeswing LBEE CD 006


Harvey Andrews: Snaps: The Family Album (Hypertension HYCD 295 159) Harvey Andrews, Snaps: The Family Album, CD, Hypertension HYCD 295 159 / HYP 5159


Harvey Andrews: The Margarita Collection (HASKA CD 001) Harvey Andrews: The Margarita Collection (2216 HYP) Harvey Andrews, The Margarita Collection, CD, HASKA CD 001 / Hypertension HYP 2216


Harvey Andrews: The Journey (Hypertension HYCD 297) Harvey Andrews, The Journey, CD, Hypertension HYCD 297 173 / HYP 7173

Keep Right On (Cherry Red CD GAFFER 10) Birmingham City F.C. & Supporters, Keep Right On, CD, Cherry Red CD GAFFER 10


The Mrs Ackroyd Band: Tubular Dogs (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 014) The Mrs Ackroyd Band, Tubular Dogs, CD, Mrs Ackroyd DOG 014


Harvey Andrews: The Gift (Hypertension HYP 1204) Harvey Andrews, The Gift, CD, Hypertension HYP 1204


9x2: English Contemporary Chanson (Irregualr IRR046) Various Artists, 9x2: English Contemporary Chanson, CD, Irregular IRR046, 2002


Harvey Andrews: Somewhere in the Stars (HASKA CD 004) Harvey Andrews, Somewhere in the Stars, CD, Haska HASKA CD 004

Footprints in the Snow (Castle Music CMDD834) Various Artists, Footprints in the Snow, 2 CD, Castle Music CMDD834, 2004

Rumours of Rain (Hypertension HYP 4231) Folk for Peace, Rumours of Rain, CD single, Hypertension HYP 4231, 2004


Anthems in Eden (Castle CMXBX1030) Various Artists, Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955-1978, 4 CD, Castle Music CMXBX1030, 2006

The Fairport Companion (Castle CMDDD1337) Various, The Fairport Companion: Loose Chippings From the Fairport Family Tree, 2 CD, Castle Music CMDDD1337, 2006


Harvey Andrews: I’m Resigning from Today: The Transatlantic Anthology (Transatlantic TRRDD403) Harvey Andrews, I’m Resigning from Today: The Transatlantic Anthology, 2 CD, Transatlantic TRRDD403


Generosity (WildGoose WGS365CD) Folk for M.S., Generosity: A Unique Collection Celebrating 20 Years of Folk for M.S., CD, WildGoose WGS365CD, 2009


Harvey Andrews: Encore (HASKA CD 005) Harvey Andrews, Encore, CD, Haska HASKA CD 005, 2013


Harvey Andrews: Life! (HASKA CD 006) Harvey Andrews, Life!, CD, Haska HASKA CD 006, 2014


Harvey Andrews: Margarita (2016 charity single) Harvey Andrews, Margarita, DL charity single in aid of the Forces Children’s Trust, July 2016