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Places and Faces

Harvey Andrews: Places and Faces (Decca Nova SDN 9)

Places and Faces
Harvey Andrews

Decca Nova SDN 9 (LP, UK, 1970)

Arrangement and musical direction by Tony Cox;
Producer: Ioan Allen;
Recording engineers: Derek Varnals, Peter Rynston, Robin Cabel;
Cover photography: David Wedgbury


Harvey Andrews, vocals, acoustic guitar;
Alan Hawkshaw, Phil Dennis, pianos;
Vick Flick, lead guitar;
Dave Pegg, bass guitar;
Tony Carr, Roy Webster, percussion;
Ronnie Stephenson, drums;
Alec Firman, Sid Margo, violins;
Bernard Davis, Stephen Shingles, violas;
Bram Martin, Francis Gabarro, cellos;
George Crozier, David Sandemann, Jack Ellory, Chris Taylor, flutes;
Stan Smith, oboe;
Tom Kelly, clarinet;
Robert Bourton, bassoon;
Denis Clift, trumpet;
John Leach, cymbalum


Side 1Side 2
  1. Boothferry Bridge
  2. Dancing Laughing Eyes
  3. The Party
  4. My Lady's Pleasure
  5. Seagull
  6. Aston Hall
  7. City Dweller
  8. England My England
  1. Pam
  2. Peter
  3. Chris
  4. Joe
  5. David
  6. Hans

All songs written by Harvey Andrews