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Harvey Andrews: Old Mother Earth (Beeswing LBEE 004)

Old Mother Earth
Harvey Andrews

Beeswing Records LBEE 004 (LP, UK, 1984)

Recorded at Sian Dee Studios, Kidderminster & Zella Studios, Edgbaston, Birmingham
Produced by Harvey Andrews


Harvey Andrews, guitar, vocals;
Dan Fone, guitar, harmonica;
Kevin Clark, keyboards, synthesisers


Side 1Side 2
  1. Old Mother Earth
  2. Me and Jake (Thackray)
  3. Just an Old Busker
  4. Strawberries and Cream
  5. Not a Man for These Times
  6. The Vicar Said “Well Done”
  1. When I Was a Boy
  2. Song of Old Friends
  3. Mister Pastry
  4. Baby Brown Eyes
  5. Stone and Wood
  6. When Ellie Waves Goodbye

All tracks Harvey Andrews except
Track 1 Harvey Andrews / Graham Cooper;
Track 8 Jacques Brel / Jouanest / Shuman