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Harvey Andrews: Harvey Andrews (Transatlantic TRA EP 133)

Harvey Andrews
Harvey Andrews

Transatlantic Records TRA EP 133 (EP, UK, June 1966)


Harvey Andrews: vocals, guitar;
Martin Carthy: guitar


Side 1

  1. A Most Peculiar Man (2.07)
  2. Children of Hiroshima (2.18)

Side 2

  1. You’re on Your Own (2.57)
  2. Death Come Easy (3.09)

All tracks Harvey Andrews except
Track 1 Paul Simon


A Most Peculiar Man and Death Come Easy were reissued in 1998 on The Transatlantic Story (4CD, Essential ESFCD 654). The sleeve notes comment:

The Transatlantic label first established itself as a focus for singer-songwriters with an EP released in [1966] by the Birmingham singer Harvey Andrews on which he sang Paul Simon’s A Most Peculiar Man. Reckoned to be the first ever cover recording of a Paul Simon song, the EP also features the guitar of Martin Carthy and three songs by Andrews, including Death Come Easy, a powerful anti-war song that was taken up by many other singers and groups subsequently, particularly a memorable version by the Ian Campbell Folk Group, on their third LP.

Children of Hiroshima was reissued in 2006 on the anthology Anthems in Eden and finally the complete EP in 2007 on I’m Resigning from Today: The Transatlantic Anthology.