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Sarah Hayes: Mainspring

Sarah Hayes: Mainspring (Night Vad NV001)

Sarah Hayes

Night Vad NV001 (CD EP, UK, 28 May 2013)

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Recorded and mixed by Mattie Foulds at Mobile With a Home;
Mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios


Sarah Hayes: vocals, flute, whistle, piano, Fender Rhodes;
Hannah James: accordion [2];
Fiona MacAskill: fiddle [1, 4];
Ian Stephenson: guitar [4]


  1. When First I Came to Caledonia (3.34)
  2. The Convergence / Mitt i Juli (6.10)
  3. The Old Fisher (3.26)
  4. Fink IV / Kathryn’s Favourite / Catherine Kelly’s (3.14)

Tracks 1, 4c trad.;
Track 2a Sarah Hayes, Hannah James;
Track 2b Jonas Olsson;
Track 3 words Thomas Doubleday (1881), music Sarah Hayes;
Track 4a Sarah Hayes;
Track 4b Julian Sutton

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Wildings: Wildings

Wildings: Wildings (Night Vad NV002)


Night Vad NV002 (DL, UK, 29 July 2015)

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Engineered by Angus Lyon at Gran’s House Studio;
Percussion engineered by Derek O’Neill at Chem19;
Mixed by Duncan Lyall at Red Deer Studio;
Mastered by Iain Hutchison at GloWorm Studios;
Photography by Mike Guest;
Album cover design by Craig Robertson and Mike Guest


Jennifer Austin: piano;
Fiona MacAskill: fiddle;
Sarah Hayes: vocals, flute

with guests:
James Lindsay: double bass;
Phil Hague: percussion;
Marissa Waite: bodhrán


  1. Square Street Cottage: O’Dea’s / Baltic Square Jig / Nicholas Street / The Apsley Cottage (4.06)
  2. Ghost Orange / Kvarnbergschottis (6.39)
  3. The Beggarman (Roud 212; Child 279 Appendix; Henry H810) (3.59)
  4. The Bellany Suite: The Boat Builders / Allegory / The Box Meeting / The Burden / The Eyemouth Disaster / Dieppe (15.41)
  5. Handsome Cabin Boy (Roud 239; Laws N13; G/D 1:181) (4.38)
  6. Skye Set: The Battle of Braes / An Lasair Beo / Skye Barbecue (5.23)
  7. Willie’s Waltz (5.58)

Tracks 1a, 3, 5, 6a trad.;
Track 1b Julian Sutton;
Track 1c Diarmaid Moynihan;
Track 1d Colin Farrell;
Tracks 2a, 4ce Sarah Hayes;
Track 2b Niklas Roswall;
Tracks 4ad Fiona MacAskill;
Tracks 4bf Jennifer Austin;
Tracks 6b Blair Douglas;
Tracks 6c Alasdair Fraser;
Track 7 Jennifer Austin, bridge Sarah Hayes


Wildings perform The Beggarman:

Wildings perform the Skye Set:

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Sarah Hayes: Woven

Sarah Hayes: Woven (Night Vad NV003)

Sarah Hayes

Night Vad NV003 (CD, UK, 20 November 2015)

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Commissioned in 2014 by Celtic Connections as part of their ‘New Voices’ project;
Recorded by Angus Lyon at Gran’s House;
Mixed and mastered by Iain Hutchison at GloWorm Studios;
Cover image from ‘Stitched Drawings’ by Georgie Meadows;
Photography by Gemma Dagger;
Design by Fourtwentyseven


Sarah Hayes: vocals, flute, whistle, piano, keyboards;
Fiona MacAskill: fiddle, vocals;
Mairearad Green: piano accordion, vocals;
Ali Hutton: guitars;
James Lindsay: double bass, bass guitar;
Phil Hague: drums, percussion, vibraphone


  1. The Fell Line (3.33)
  2. William & Jumble (3.05)
  3. The Trees They Grow Tall (Roud 31; Laws O35; G/D 6:1222) (3.47)
  4. Sair Fyel’d Hinny (Roud 3062; G/D 3:481) (4.19)
  5. Deep in Love (Roud 87; Child 204) (1.43)
  6. The Daffodil / Greenwood Laddie (Roud 2123) (3.24)
  7. Jute Mill Song (Roud 2585) (2.29)
  8. Four Loom Weaver (2.38)
  9. Mill Pond (2.46)
  10. Where Ravens Feed (2.45)
  11. Mill Race (1.52)
  12. When Fortune Turns the Wheel (Roud 3798; G/D 3:667) (3.14)
  13. Fall of the Leaf (Roud 848) (0.48)
  14. The Fell Line (Reprise) (4.42)
  15. Irene’s (4.38)

All words trad. except
Track 7 Mary Brooksbank;
Track 10 Graeme Miles;
All music Sarah Hayes except
Tracks 4, 8 trad.

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