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Hen Hoose: Equaliser (Tantrum TANTRUMV51)

Hen Hoose

Tantrum Records TANTRUMV51 (LP, UK, 5 November 2021)

Mixed by Susan Bear;
Mastered by Novasounds;
Layout by Ellie Morrison;
Artwork by Carrie Roberts Art


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  1. Emma Pollock and Pippa Murphy: Monochrome (3.50)
  2. Rachael Swinton and Pippa Murphy: Just Be Real (3.24)
  3. Karine Polwart and MALKA: These Are the Nights (2.37)
  4. AMUNDA, Carla J Easton and MALKA: The Best Is Yet to Come (3.27)
  5. Jayda and AMUNDA: Revolution Retribution (3.34)
  6. Elisabeth Elektra and Susan Bear: Hush Hush (3.41)
  7. Karine Polwart and Susan Bear: Go Easy (3.58)
  8. Inge Thomson and MALKA: The Bliss (3.54)
  9. Sarah Hayes and Pippa Murphy: A Change in the Light (4.20)
  10. Elisabeth Elektra and Sarah Hayes: Make It Alright (3.38)
  11. AMUNDA and Inge Thomson: Outrun You (3.19)
  12. Beldina Odenyo Onassis and Inge Thomson: Burn It All (4.00)

Track 1 written by Emma Pollock and Pippa Murphy;
Track 2 written by Rachael Swinton and Pippa Murphy;
Track 3 written by Karine Polwart and Tamara Schlesinger;
Track 4 written by Amandah Wilkinson, Carla J Easton and Tamara Schlesinger;
Track 5 written by Jayda and Amandah Wilkinson;
Track 6 written by Elisabeth Elektra and Susan Bear;
Track 7 written by Karine Polwart and Susan Bear;
Track 8 written by Inge Thomson and Tamara Schlesinger;
Track 9 written by Pippa Murphy and Sarah Hayes;
Track 10 written by Sarah Hayes and Elisabeth Elektra;
Track 11 written by Inge Thomson and Amandah Wilkinson;
Track 12 written by Beldina Odenyo Onassis and Inge Thomson