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FolkESTRA North!

FolkESTRA North! (Fellside FECD178)

FolkESTRA North!

Fellside Recordings FECD178 (CD, UK, 2003)

Recorded by Tony Davis at Cluny Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne;
Produced by Kathryn Tickell;
Photograph by Doug Hall;
Artwork by Mary Blood


Matthew Dean: whistle, banjo;
Sarah Hayes: vocals, flute;
Laura Hewison: vocals, cello;
David Jones: fiddle;
Matthew Jones: guitar;
Sarah Jones: fiddle;
Shona Kipling: accordion;
Chris Lewis: accordion, viola, Northumbrian pipes;
Darren McGrath: baritone horn, percussion;
Dan Rogers: bass guitar, fiddle;
Kate Selby: harp;
Sam Sweeney: fiddle;
John Thorpe: fiddle;
Peter Tickell: fiddle, viola

Musical director: Kathryn Tickell;
Assistant directors: Damien O’Kane (2003), Sophy Ball (2002)


  1. Bonny at Morn (Roud 3064) (2.43)
  2. Balls to Hall / Over the Moor to Maggie / Shirley’s Reel (5.12)
  3. Catharsis / Peter Man / Jenny Dang the Weaver (3.51)
  4. The Beggarman (Roud 119; Child 280; G/D 2:277; Henry H810) (2.25)
  5. Ginny’s Waltz / Gazinty (3.42)
  6. Mrs Major L. Stewart of the Island of Jura / Earl Grey / The Waverley Ball (4.16)
  7. Jock Wilson of Fenton / Trip to Herves (3.50)
  8. Baltic Square Jig / Taking the Tent Down / Fallen Angels (4.44)
  9. Josefin’s Waltz / Ma Bonny Lad (Roud 204) / Weel-o Jig (4.03)
  10. Victory of Love (3.44)
  11. South Australia (Roud 325) / Chief O’Neill’s Favourite (3.45)
  12. The Return / Rusty Gully (3.58)

All tracks trad. except
Track 2a Joe Scurfield;
Track 2c Willie Taylor;
Track 3a Amy Cann;
Tracks 3b, 12a Kathryn Tickell;
Track 5a Paul Buckley;
Track 5b David Jones;
Track 6a William Marshall;
Track 6b James Hill;
Track 6c Joseph Lowe;
Track 7a Bryce Anderson;
Track 7b McGoldrick;
Tracks 8ab Julian Sutton;
Track 8c Matthew Dean;
Track 9a Roger Tallroth;
Track 9c Laura Hewison;
Track 10 Oliver Schroer