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Northern Flyway

Northern Flyway: Northern Flyway (Hudson HUD013CD)

Northern Flyway
Northern Flyway

Hudson Records HUD013CD (CD, UK, 14 September 2018)

Produced by Inge Thomson;
Recorded by Tim Matthew at Mareel, Shetland in February 2018;
Mixed by Inge Thomson and Garry Boyle at The Slateroom;
Mastered by Dean Honer;
Logo by Kate Dowling;
Photography by Sam Bancroft
Design by Robin Beatty


Inge Thomson, vocals, accordion, thumb piano, kaoss pads, synthesisers, wave drum, flute;
Jenny Sturgeon, vocals, harmonium, dulcimer;
Jason Singh, beatbox and sound design;
Sarah Hayes, vocals, piano, keys, flutes, synthesisers, Hammond;
Magnus Robb and The Sound Approach, bird samples


  1. Flyway (3.46)
  2. Rosefinch (3.41)
  3. No Barriers No Borders (3.36)
  4. The Gannets (5.33)
  5. Curlew (4.33)
  6. Lost Lapwing (5.27)
  7. We Are the Morning (3.24)
  8. The Eagle (3.42)
  9. Loch Carron Flame (5.16)
  10. Nomad (4.03)
  11. The Owls (4.39)
  12. Huginn and Muninn (5.12)

All tracks written by Jenny Sturgeon and Inge Thomson except
extracts from Sweet Afton in track 6 written by Robert Burns
and The Eagle (A Fragment) in track 8 written by Aldred Lord Tennyson