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Vamm: Vamm

Vamm: Vamm (Vamm VAMM002)


Vamm Records VAMM002 (CD, UK, April 22, 2013)

Recorded by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios;
Mixed by Richard H. Evans at The Labour Exchange;
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering;
Photography by Leila Angus;
Design by James Morrison


Patsy Reid, fiddles, viola;
Marit Fält, låtmandola;
Catriona Macdonald, fiddles


  1. The Duchess: The Duchess of Yell / Polska for Marit Fält (4.02)
  2. Castle Grant (3.07)
  3. The Ostrich: The Ostrich / Farewell to the Prid (4.06)
  4. Miranda (4.33)
  5. Better Days: Woodridge Breakdown / The Stonewaller / Better Days (4.43)
  6. To the West: Felgubben / To the West (6.33)
  7. The Burnt Leg: Taighean Geala Sheildaig / The Burnt Leg / Sandy King's (2.37)
  8. The Winning Ticket: Marcel Aucoin / Vardingen / The Winning Ticket (5.24)
  9. Lurkas (5.15)
  10. Prospect Road (4.14)

Track 1a Aidan O'Rourke;
Track 1b Nathan Armstrong;
Track 2 James Scott Skinner;
Track 3a Jim Sutherland;
Track 3b Catriona Price;
Tracks 4, 5c Marit Fält;
Track 5a Andy de Jarlis;
Track 5b Donald Shaw;
Tracks 6a, 7abc trad. arr. Vamm;
Track 6b Donald Grant;
Track 8a Jerry Holland;
Track 8b Helene Høye;
Track 8c Paul Cranford;
Track 9 Olof Misgeld;
Track 10 Darren Milligan

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Patsy Reid: The Brightest Path

Patsy Reid: The Brightest Path (Classy Trad CTREC002)

The Brightest Path
Patsy Reid

Classy Trad Records CTREC002 (CD, UK, February 24, 2014)

Produced by Patsy Reid and Mattie Foulds;
Recorded by Mattie Foulds ar Crear;
Mixed by Mattie Foulds at Mobile With a Home;
Mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland;
Front cover photography by Leila Angus;
Inside photography by Jamie Pryke;
Sleeve design by James Morrison;
Illustration by Magdalena Werner


Patsy Reid, violin, viola, cello, vocals;
Ben Nicholls, double bass, harmonium;
Ewan MacPherson, guitar, banjo, mandolin;
Signy Jakobsdóttir, percussion;
Mhairi Hall, piano;
Mattie Foulds, drum kit, vocals;
Fraser Fifield, soprano saxophone, whistle


  1. Hooray Henry (3.57)
  2. Donside: Donside / Mrs Ross's Ranr (4.14)
  3. The River Princes (3.52)
  4. Thugainn: Thugainn / Springa Like Marit (5.30)
  5. A Precious Place (4.50)
  6. Half Acre (3.37)
  7. Bridge of Garry: Miss General Campbell / The Bridge of Garry / The Fouller's Rant (3.56)
  8. Lost in Green (4.33)
  9. Kite Song (2.54)
  10. The Baby Tune (5.29)

Tracks 1, 4ab, 10 Patsy Reid;
Tracks 2ab, 7abc trad.;
Track 3 Ewan MacPherson;
Track 5 Donald Shaw;
Track 6 Daniel R. Messe;
Track 8 Julian Sutton;
Track 9 Patricia J. Griffin

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