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The Herschel Sessions

The Herschel Sessions (Oisín OSCD003)

The Herschel Sessions
Vasious Artists

Oisín Studios OSCD03 (CD, UK, 2000)

Recorded by James Dunkley and Steáfán Hannigan live at The Herschel Arms, Slough, in September 2000;
Mixed by Steáfán Hannigan and Colm Murphy at Oisin Studios, Wolverton;
Edited by John Bloomfield;
Tracks 3 & 10 recorded at Oisin Studios;
Track 4 & 11 produced by Graham Lyle;
Cover and session photo by Chris Potter;
Other photos, typesetting and design by Vivienne Bloomfield and Steáfán Hannigan


Broderick are Luke Daniels, Clare Garrard, Colm Murphy, Don Oeters;
Herschel Street are Alan Burton, James Fagan, Steve Hunt, Nancy Kerr;
Conásc are Paul Curran, Eric Faithful, Brian Hirst, Roger Philby

Session Musicians

Ed Barrett: fiddle;
John Erebner: flute;
Alan Burton: uilleann pipes, whistle;
Debbie Chalmers: fiddle;
Jenny Crook: harp, vocals;
Paul Curran: mandolin, banjo;
Luke Daniels: button accordion;
Sara Daniels: concertina, vocals;
Eric Faithful: whistle, flute, uilleann pipes;
Colin Fletcher: double bass;
Jon Fletcher: guitar, vocals, harmonica;
Clare Garrard: fiddle;
Brian Hirst: cittern, flute;
Nancy Kerr: fiddle, vocals;
Doug Lang: bodhrán;
Cohn Murphy: fiddle;
Jo Neaser: vocals;
Roger Philby: vocals, bodhrán;
Henry Sears: fiddle, vocals, whistle;
Claire Watts: whistle, vocals, fiddle;
Elina & Tanya: pints of guinness;
Tom King: vocals


  1. Herschel Session: Miss McLeod Set: Miss McLeod / Unknown (5.09)
  2. Jenny Crook, Henry Sears: Ten Thousand Miles (Roud 422) (4.14)
  3. Broderick: The Fishing Reel Set: Love at the Ending / Trip to Hervés / Unknown / Silver Spear (6.11)
  4. Don Mescall: Paradise (5.26)
  5. Jenny Crook, Henry Sears: Kwela Ceilidh (3.30)
  6. Nancy Kerr, James Fagan, Alan Burton: The Shoemakker (Roud 3152; G/D 3:479) (2.46)
  7. Jenny Crook, Henry Sears: Rêve Musicale / Clydeside Lasses (3.51)
  8. Cunásc: Jimmy Ward’s Set: Jimmy Ward’s Jig / Ship in Full Sail / Roaring Barmaid (4.17)
  9. Herschel Street: Maids of Mount: Maids of Mount Cisco / Bird in the Bush / Bucks of Oranmore (5.46)
  10. Broderick: Shig Jigs: Robbie Casserley’s / Paul Moore’s / Mary Joyce’s (4.10)
  11. Don Mescall: Sunset of Gold (4.41)
  12. Herschel Session: Over the Moor to Maggie (2.59)

All tracks trad. except
Tracks 4, 11 Don Mescall;
Track 5 Tim Potts;
Track 7a W. Tremblay, A. Allen;
Track 8c Tony Sullivan;
Track 10 Luke Daniels