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Jeneric: The Swim

Jennifer Austin: The Swim (Jennifer Austin)

The Swim

Jeneric Music (DL EP, UK, 5 August 2022)

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Jennifer Austin: piano;
Eric Linklater: fiddle


  1. The Unexpected Guest (3.55)
  2. The Swim (3.22)
  3. Jig for Jane / Billy’s Leap (3.48)
  4. Mrs Violet Eunson (4.24)

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Jennifer Austin: Night Painting

Jennifer Austin: Night Painting (Jennifer Austin WELL001CD)

Night Painting
Jennifer Austin

Jennifer Austin WELL001CD (CD, UK, 27 June 2024)

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Produced and recorded by Adam Holmes;
Photography by Mairi Wilson;
Paintings by Jennifer Austin;
Layout by Adam Holmes and Louise Bichan


Jennifer Austin: piano, Wurlitzer;
Duncan Lyall: double bass;
Adam Holmes: percussion, synthesiser, vocals, slide guitar


  1. Dreaminess (0.49)
  2. Hope Spot (1.38)
  3. Grandad (2.57)
  4. Breathe (2.31)
  5. Night Painting (1.42)
  6. Cora Bay (2.33)
  7. Mysteriousness (2.24)
  8. Daystar (1.41)
  9. Smoky Peat Notes (2.38)
  10. From Basel (2.27)
  11. Midnight Drive (2.39)
  12. Piano Clouds (3.54)
  13. Teran’s (for Bonnie) (3.03)
  14. Fm Surf (2.04)
  15. Maxwell’s Light (4.45)

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