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Fara: Fara (FARACD001)


Fara FARACD001 (CD EP, UK, December 20, 2014)

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Recorded and mixed by David McNee at North Park;
Mastered by Roderick Buchanan-Dunlop;
Photography by Louise Bichan and Mike Guest;
Layout by Louise Bichan


Louise Bichan, Kristan Harvey, Jeana Leslie, Catriona Price, fiddles, vocals;
Jennifer Austin, piano


  1. Jeremy and Regina's / Bright Grey (3.11)
  2. Where's Neil / Up da Strood / The Man Who Shot the Windmill (4.15)
  3. Three Fishers (3.57)
  4. The Loon and His Quine (5.51)
  5. The Battle of Waterloo / Roca House (3.40)
  6. Billy's Short Leg / Thunderhead / Across the Rooftop (3.12)
  7. My Heart's in the Highland (Roud 5878) (4.21)

Tracks 1a, 5b Louise Bichan;
Track 1b Catriona Price;
Track 2a Jennifer Auston;
Tracks 2b, 5a trad.;
Track 3 words Charles Kingsley;
Track 4 Jeana Leslie;
Track 6a Kristan Harvey;
Track 6b Grey Larsen;
Track 6c Deirdre Moynihan;
Track 7 words Robert Burns

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Fara: Cross the Line

Fara: Cross the Line (FARACD002)

Cross the Line

Fara FARACD002 (CD, UK, September 30, 2016)

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Produced by Mike Vass;
Engineered by Roderick Buchanan-Dunlop;
Edited by Euan Burton and Mike Vass;
Mixed by Duncan Lyall;
Mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios;
Photography by Mike Guest;
Design, artwork and layout by Elph


Jennifer Austin, piano, vocals;
Kristan Harvey, fiddle, viola, vocals;
Jeana Leslie, fiddle, lead vocals;
Catriona Price, fiddle, viola, vocals

Mike Guest, percussion [6];
Fiona Black, Euan Burton, Rachel Lightbody, Siobhan Miller, Fergus Mutch, Mike Vass, choir [9]


  1. The Dragon: The Grower / The Abbey Reel / The Dragon (4.15)
  2. Shapinsay: The Shapinsay Polka / Fisher's Hornpipe (5.40)
  3. Three Fishers (3.49)
  4. Whisky You're the Devil (3.38)
  5. Bright Grey: Jeremy and Regina's / Bright Grey (4.39)
  6. Changing Plans (4.17)
  7. My Heart's in the Highlands (Roud 5878) (4.26)
  8. Cheeky Vimto: Beare Island / The Shetland Fiddle Diva (3.55)
  9. Games People Play (5.14)
  10. Billy's Short Leg: Billy's Short Leg / Thunderhead / Across the Rooftops (3.42)
  11. I've Endured (2.13)

Tracks 1a, 10a Kristan Harvey;
Track 1b Larry Redican;
Track 1c William ‘Billy’ Peace;
Track 2a John ‘Jackie’ Sinclair;
Track 2b trad.;
Track 3 Charles Kingsley;
Track 4 lyrics trad. / Bella Hardy;
Track 5a Louise Bichan;
Tracks 5b, 8c Catriona Price;
Track 6 Jeana Leslie;
Track 7 Robert Burns;
Track 8a Richard Dwyer;
Track 8b Ian Lowthian;
Track 9 Joe South;
Track 10b Grey Larsen;
Track 10c Deirdre Moynihan;
Track 11 Ola Belle Reed