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Bellowhead: Matachin

Bellowhead: Matachin (Navigator 17)


Navigator Records Navigator 17/17LP (CD/LP, UK, 22 September 2008)

Bellowhead: Matachin (Navigator 17LP)

Produced by Bellowhead;
Engineered by Andie Thomson at Gighouse Recording Studio, Leamington Spa;
Mixed by Toby Hrycek-Robinson and Bellowhead;
Mastered by Calum Malcolm


Jon Boden: vocals, fiddle, concertina [7];
Benji Kirkpatrick: guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo;
John Spiers: melodeon, concertina;
Andy Mellon: trumpet;
Justin Thurgur: trombone;
Brendan Kelly: saxophones, bass clarinet;
Gideon Juckes: helicon;
Pete Flood: percussion;
Rachael McShane: cello, fiddle;
Paul Sartin: fiddle, oboe;
Sam Sweeney: fiddle, pipes


Side 1

  1. Fakenham Fair (4.57)
  2. Roll Her Down the Bay (3.26)
  3. Vignette I (0.40)
  4. I Drew My Ship Across the Harbour (Roud 402; G/D 4:792) (4.16)
  5. Kafoozalum / The Priest’s Miss (5.31)
  6. Cholera Camp (6.07)

Side 2

  1. Vignette II (0.48)
  2. Whiskey is the Life of Man (Roud 651) (3.22)
  3. Spectre Review (5.24)
  4. Widow’s Curse (Roud V41142) (5.31)
  5. Bruton Town (Roud 18; Laws M32) (5.48)
  6. Trip to Bucharest / The Flight of the Folk Mutants Parts 1 & 2 (5.34)
  7. Vignette III (0.49)

Tracks 1, 4, 7-8 trad. arr. Jon Boden;
Tracks 2, 13 trad. arr. Pete Flood;
Track 3 trad. arr. Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney, Rachael McShane;
Track 5a trad. arr. Benji Kirkpatrick, Andy Mellon;
Track 5b Benji Kirkpatrick arr. Benji Kirkpatrick, Andy Mellon;
Track 6 words Rudyard Kipling, music Peter Bellamy arr. Pete Flood;
Track 9 words Baron Joseph Christian von Zedlitz (1790-1862): Die nächtliche Herrschau, translation unknown, music trad. arr. Pete Flood;
Track 10 trad. / Pete Flood;
Track 11 trad. arr. Justin Thurgur;
Track 12a Rachael McShane;
Track 12bc Jon Boden