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Martin Green & Eliza Carthy: Dinner

Martin Green & Eliza Carthy: Dinner (Heroes of Edible Music HEM001)

Martin Green & Eliza Carthy

Heroes of Edible Music HEM001 (CD, UK, December 2001)

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A mixture of English tradition, American tunes and Martin’s compositions.


Eliza Carthy: violin, octave violin, vocals;
Martin Green: piano accordion, piano, sampling and sequencing [5];
JCool: beatbox [2, 9];
Salah Dawson Miller: frame drums and Karkabou [5];
Eddi Reader: vocals [7]

Track 5 contains samples from
Swåp: Bigger House from their album [sic], Ian Carr: guitar, Karen Tweed: accordion;
Thought Gang: Winter from their album Monsters from the Id, Catherine Coombs, Cello


  1. Fen (5.06)
  2. Mr Preston’s Hornpipe (5.23)
  3. Stephen’s Leaving / The Jolly Fucker / Rörospols (5.44)
  4. Abe’s Retreat / Kielder Castle (4.55)
  5. Jack Warrel’s Hornpipe (5.34)
  6. Daniel Wright’s Hornpipe / A Bagpipe Hornpipe (3.14)
  7. Lemady (Roud 193) (4.37)
  8. Saul’s Shoes / Prescott’s Punch (3.04)
  9. Presbyterian Hornpipe / Game of Draughts (5.45)
  10. Young Collins (4.19)

All tracks trad. arr. Martin Green / Eliza Carthy except
Tracks 1, 3ab, 8, 10b Martin Green
Tracks 3c trad.
Track 4b trad. / Matt Seattle
Track 7 trad. arr. Martin Green / Eliza Carthy / Saul Rose
Track 9 Eliza Carthy / Ed Boyd

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The Martin Green Machine: First Sighting

The Martin Green Machine: First Sighting (Navigator NAVIGATOR28)

First Sighting
The Martin Green Machine

Navigator Records NAVIGATOR28 (CD, UK, 26 January 2009)

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This music started life as a commission for the New Voices series at Celtic Connections Festival, Glasgow, Scotland.

Produced by Martin Green;
Recorded at various times in various places by Mark Simms, Owen Green, Mattie Foulds, Calum Malcolm and Martin Green;
Mixed by Calum Malcolm and Martin Green;
Mastered by Calum Malcolm;
Illustrations by Boo Cook;
Photos by Louis de Carlo;
Design and layout by Monkey with a Pen


Martin Green: accordion, Wurlitzer, samplers, playing God, punchcard music box;
Tom Cook: guitar, guitar effects, kaos pad, vocals;
Alyn Cosker: drums;
Barnaby Stradling: bass;
Rick Taylor: trombone;
Fergus Kerr: French horn;
Andy McKreel: tuba;
Inge Thomson: vocals [3];
Demmy James: vocals [5];
Anna Massie: banjo [7];
Sophie Bancroft: vocals [9];
Moff Skellington: voice [10]


  1. Repetition (4.28)
  2. 23 A (5.37)
  3. Quayle Paint (4.30)
  4. Horse (6.53)
  5. Give Up the Body (3.13)
  6. Rory (5.59)
  7. PSP (4.22)
  8. Can’t Use a Map (4.11)
  9. Shudder (4.36)
  10. The Disappearing Platelayer (5.40)

All music and words written and arranged by Martin Green except
Track 1 samples taken from a live performance of John Rae’s Celtic Fest performing The Man of the House feat. Eilidh Shaw, fiddle, and Martin Green, accordion;
Track 3 words and song melody Inge Thomson;
Track 5 words source unknown, rearranged by Demmy James;
Track 6 samples of Rory McLeod taken from Hymn for Her from her album Kicking Up the Sawdust, poem by George P.S. Peterson of Papa Stour, Scotland;
Track 9 some sounds created with Leafcutter John ’s Forester software;
Track 10 written and read by Moff Skellington

> Folk Music > Records > Martin Green, Becky Unthank, Inge Thomson, Niklas Roswall: Crows’ Bones

Martin Green, Becky Unthank, Inge Thomson, Niklas Roswall: Crows’ Bones

 Martin Green: Crows’ Bones (Reveal REVEAL036CDX)

Crows’ Bones
Martin Green, Becky Unthank, Inge Thomson, Niklas Roswall

Reveal Records REVEAL036CDX (CD, UK, 21 April 2014)

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Commissioned by Opera North

Produced by Martin Green;
Recorded by Calum Malcolm;
Additional recording by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios;
Mixed by Adrian Utley and Martin Green at Planet245;
Mix engineer TJ Allen;
Mastered at Castlesound Studios;
Photos by David Liddell;
Design by Van Gill Media


Martin Green: accordion, piano, toy piano;
Niklas Roswall: nyckelharpa;
Inge Thomson: vocals, log, toys, noises;
Becky Unthank: vocals, music boxes

Adrian Utley: guitars, bass, mellotron, percussion;
Andy Sutor: bass drum;
Ayarkhaan (Albina Degtyareva, Alisa Savvinova, Natalia Fedorov): khomus (mouth harp)


  1. Mess of Crows (6.48)
  2. Lyke Wake Dirge (Roud 8194; TYG 85) (5.58)
  3. Some Living (2.29)
  4. I Saw the Dead (6.38)
  5. Some Neither (3.13)
  6. One December Morn (5.46)
  7. Three Ravens (Roud 5; Child 26) (7.01)
  8. Maklin’s Bridal March / Griesly Bride (7.22)
  9. Some Dead (2.08)

Track 1 words trad. adapted Martin Green, Inge Thomson, music Martin Green;
Tracks 2, 7 trad.;
Track 3 Martin Green, Inge Thomson;
Track 4 Conor O’Brien (of the band Villagers);
Tracks 5, 10 Martin Green, Niklas Roswall, Inge Thomson, Becky Unthank;
Track 6 Sean Cooney (of The Young’uns);
Track 8 words John Manifold, music Tom Campbell

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Martin Green: Flit

Martin Green: Flit (Reveal REVEAL062LPX)

Martin Green

Reveal Records REVEAL062CDX (CD, UK, 7 October 2016)
Reveal Records REVEAL062LPX (LP + CD, UK, 7 October 2016)

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Produced by Adrian Utley and Martin Green;
Recorded and mixed at Planet 245 Bristol;
Additional recording at Chapel Studios;
Engineered by T.J. Allen;
Mastered at Optimum Bristol;
Mixed by Adrian Utley, T.J. Allen and Martin Green at Planet 245;
Cover image by Whiterobot;
Logo by Iwant Design;
Artwork by Martin Rowsell


Aidan Moffat: vocals [1];
Becky Unthank: vocals [2-3];
Adam Holmes: vocals [4, 6];
John Smith: vocals [9];
Martin Green: samples, accordion, mellotron, sytheisers;
Adrian Utley: electric and acoustic guitar, bass, synthesiser, percussion;
Dominic Atchinson: bass;
Corinna Hewat: harp


Side 1

  1. The Living Wind (3.21)
  2. Strange Sky (4.32)
  3. Wrackline (5.23)
  4. Roll Away (4.04)
  5. The Suitcase (5.01)

Side 2

  1. Laws of Motion (4.05)
  2. Clang Song (3.45)
  3. Smallest Plant (5.53)
  4. The Singing Sands (2.53)

Track 1 words Adam Moffat, music Martin Green;
Tracks 2-3, 5-6 Karine Polwart, Martin Green;
Track 4 words Anaïs Mitchell, music Anaïs Mitchell, Martin Green;
Tracks 2, 7 trad.;
Tracks 7-8 Martin Green;
Track 9 words Sandy Wright, music Martin Green

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