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My Sweet Lullaby

[Oliver Knight]

Maria Gilhooley (a.k.a. Marry Waterson) sang her brother Oliver Knight’s song My Sweet Lullaby in 2002 on his first solo album Mysterious Day. This track was also included in 2004 on the Watersons’ 4CD anthology Mighty River of Song. and on the anthology Evolving Tradition 4.


Maria Gilhooley sings My Sweet Lullaby

Truth be known
Truth be told
The truth gets twisted
And the truth gets sold

Don’t you blink
Or you’ll miss it
Don’t you sell out
All you wishes

Chorus (after every other verse):
She was holding up the rain
Counting on another game
She was trying to stop the tide
Hoping for another ride
In our haste we’ve missed the place
We could have been
But I won’t deny my sweet lullaby

Everything you tell me
Everything you say
All your little whispers
I won’t throw them away

Keep them in a notebook
Somewhere safe and sound
Where all your precious thoughts
Can easily be found

The heart is life
Your heart has passion
The heart forgives us
A foolish notion

How little things pass by
Without the turning of an eye
How little things stay sweet
How little demons creep

Bye bye lullaby
My how high she flies
Cheery bye lullaby
Bye bye lullaby
My how hard she tries
Stay strong she cries

(© 2002 Topic Records)