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[Adapted from a poem by Arthur Rimbaud]

Lal Waterson sang Dazed, accompanied by her son Oliver Knight on guitar, on their album Once in a Blue Moon.

Cover Versions

  1. Jo Freya's Lal Waterson Project, Lal (2007)
  2. Sabbath Folk on Migrating Bird: The Songs of Lal Waterson (2007)


Lal Waterson sings Dazed

Black against the fog and snow,
Against the grating all aglow
Their arses spread.
Five little children squat and shake,
To watch a happy baker bake
Hot golden bread.

They watch his white arms beat the dough,
Feel the heat of the bright stove.
They hear the baker softly hum,
they hear a crackling sound come
From a savoury loaf.

All in a daze,
Saying prayers and bending towards
The lights of paradise.
So hard they split their pants
And their shirt tails dance,
In the wind like ice.

For a rich man's holiday
He bakes hot buns and golden cakes,
A sugary feast.
They are transfixed they do not dare
Disturb the fragrant glowing air,
Warm as a mothers breast.

They stick their little noses in
Through the grating moaning
Something through the holes.
They even dream of being rich,
Poor baby Jesus's all in a row.


(Repeat first verse)