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Lal Waterson Project

Jo Freya’s Lal Waterson Project (No Masters NMCD27)

Jo Freya’s Lal Waterson Project

No Masters NMCD27 (CD, UK, October 2007)

All arrangements Jo Freya in collaboration with the members of the Lal project,
except for [15] arranged by Jo Freya.
Special thanks to Alice Kinloch for her original instrumental on Lal & Oliver’s version of [9]. It was so good we stole and embellished it.
Produced by Jo Freya and Neil Ferguson, engineered by Neil Ferguson.


Jo Freya: vocals, tenor and soprano saxophone;
Jim Boyes: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar;
Fi Fraser: vocals, electric violin, alto saxophone, clarinet;
Jude Abbott: vocals, trumpet;
Neil Ferguson: vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar;
Harry Hamer: cahon, tablas;
Mary Macmaster: vocals, acoustic and electric harp

Sarah Matthews, Bella Hardy: violins;
Rachel Lawrence: viola;
Gill Redmond: cello


  1. Midnight Feast (4.42)
  2. Dazed (3.35)
  3. Wilson’s Arms (3.34)
  4. Song for Thirza (5.02)
  5. Together (5.11)
  6. Long Vacation (3.38)
  7. The Bird (2.21)
  8. May Butterfly (3.30)
  9. Party Games (3.01)
  10. Flight of the Pelican (3.53)
  11. Some Old Salty (2.51)
  12. Bathtime (5.12)
  13. Foolish One (2.39)
  14. Stumbling On (2.47)
  15. Migrating Bird (4.17)

All tracks Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight except
Track 2 adapted from a poem by Arthur Rimbaud;
Tracks 4, 7 Lal Waterson