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Blaze Away

[Abe Holzman, Jimmy Kennedy]

Blaze Away is a song from the repertoire of the Irish tenor Josef Locke in the 1950s. Norma Waterson sang it in 1999 on her second solo album, The Very Thought of You, next to Richard Thompson’s song Josef Locke. She was accompanied by Richard Thompson, acoustic guitar and mandolin, Martin Carthy, acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Danny Thompson, double bass, Teddy Borrowiecki, piano and accordion, John McColgan, drums, and Eliza Carthy, backing vocals.


Norma Waterson sings Blaze Away

Chorus (after each verse):
We’ll make a bonfire of our troubles
We’ll watch them blaze away
And when they’ve all gone up in smoke clouds
We’ll never worry should they come another day
And as the bonfire keeps on burning
Happy days will be returning
While the band keeps playing
We’ll let our troubles blaze away

Here we are, there’s work to do
Don’t let troubles trouble you
Bring them along and we’ll stir them up
Bring them along and we’ll burn them up

Start and throw them into the fire
Watch the flames go higher and higher
Blazing away, blazing away
So come along and bring your worries out today