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Josef Locke

[Richard Thompson]

Norma Waterson sang Richard Thompson’s song about the Irish tenor Joseph Locke in 1999 on her second solo album, The Very Thought of You. She was accompanied by Danny Thompson, double bass and backing vocals, John McColgan, drums, Richard Thompson, electric guitar and backing vocals, Martin Carthy, acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Teddy Borrowiecki, piano and accordion, and Eliza Carthy, violin. Norma Waterson commented in her album sleeve notes:

[The songs] range from the extraordinary story which is attached to the writing of the song Josef Locke—the naughtiest and most optimistic of Irishmen—a song which comes out of an encounter between the man himself (was it or wasn’t it?) and Fairport Convention in a pub in Covent Garden late on night to the white knuckle fury of my sister Lal’s Reply to Joe Haines


Please find the lyrics for this song at Richard Thompson’s website.