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Best Wishes

[Steve Ashley]

Steve Ashley sang his farewell song Best Wishes in 2007 on his Topic CD Time and Tide.

Grace Notes sang Best Wishes in the same year on their Fellside CD Northern Tide. Lynda Hardcastle commented in the album’s liner notes:

I first heard Steve Ashley singing this song last year at the Topic Folk Club in Bradford. I have been an admirer of Steve’s song writing skills ever since the Family Album. His CDs are frequently played in our house. Thank you Steve for a beautiful song.

Fairport Convention closed their 2007 CD Sense of Occasion and their CD Live at Cropredy 2008 with Best Wishes. It is also on their DVD Fairport @Forty.

Fil Campbell and Tom McFarland sang Best Wishes in 2015 on their Glenshee album Back There.

Ralph McTell and Wizz Jones sang Best Wishes on their 2017 Leola CD About Time Too and on their 2018 Leola double LP And About Time Too.


Steve Ashley sings Best Wishes

Long may the sun shine
On your bones and on your skin
Long may good fortune shine
Upon your kith and kin
Long may the laughter lines
Grow into your face
And long may you mastermind
A perfect state of grace
May you always love and season well
And keep good company
May you always act and reason well
Wherever you may be
And long may the music keep you
Gentle and in thrall
And long may its beauty shine
To pleasure one and all

Long may your passion
Take a stand against all wrongs
And long may the fashion last
That welcomes all your songs
Long may your journey take you
Down a friendly road
And long may you learn the ways
That lighten up your load
May you always keep good melody
And never lose your key
May you always keep your memory
And keep your spirit free
And long may the music keep you
Underneath its spell
And long may you keep it live
And always play it well


Song lyrics supplied by Steve Ashley. Thank you very much!